Wednesday, September 14, 2005

can you hear me now?...

here we are again and weather is really fabby...that will eventually get boring so i wont mention that again! lol....saw two camels today, that was the highlight really...apart from the fact that lisa has attracted two mad people from leighton orient who are residents in the making...they are nice really and she is quite amazing as she works in tescos and can tell without looking what sort of person is at the checkout by the items that they have got in their trolley!...apparently gay guys have aesthetically pleasing items as they look good lying in the fridge even if they don't eat them...asian people buy a lot of carnation milk and west indians buy a lot of soap!...whatever that may mean! lol (that is in no way meant to sound rascist btw)

Hi Lisa here can I just say it was not me who invited the couple to come and join us but Neil he obviously saw residents in the making and thought he could sell them his tower block! But suffice to say that everytime we venture anywhere they seem to be there like a couple of stalkers! but they aare a nice couple and I know all about motorbiking and HGV drivers and the manufacturing of bread from start to finish.

Neil had been telling me lots of stories Gina that I could not possibly put on the blog but please feel free to ask me when I get back about radio tuning and the visually imparied or should I say blind! enough said that will get the juices flowing lol

Well I better go now as Neil is worried about what I might type next so ciao until the next time Lisa xxx

PS...have tried to sell lisa for a couple of camels but the egyptians felt that the poundage was too vast for the exchange rate you all
N xx


Anonymous said...

I didn't realise you could tell so much about people just by looking in their trolley(other than people who buy value labels!) Please explain "btw", clearly this has passed me by.
Note already entered in diary to ask about stories, really looking forward to the next pub night so you can tell all.
Sounds like you are both having a fab time, have one for me! Gx

3Steel said...

lisa you should tell your new friends about the love egg incident in tesco's