Friday, September 16, 2005

went t'egypt through t'internet....

Well here we are again another day gone on this holiday and more stories to tell last night we had a most beautiful banquet of egyptian food and it was lovely Neil managed to eat more than me for once lol (not a mean feat I can tell you although for a diabetic the notion of not eating sugery things is lost on Neil he just eats anything that has sugar or sweet in the title! and then gives himself an extra shot of insulin to tide him over I am expecting him to be in a coma by the end of the week and have lined up a nice new slimline egyptian model to help me out next week with anything I desire lol

hi...its me here i shot a load of white stuff over lisa just for fun and she was very disheartened when she found out i had found her sunscreen! lol...also on my adventures i fed a multidude of fish with a secreted bun that i took from the restaurant...i really felt like jesus of the fish world!...they were snapping it out of my hand, big ones and little ones (technical terminology not available but they all had scales and smiles on their mouths...
On with the we were having a lovely breakfast and i went over to the hot counter to load my plate and lo and behold when i returned to the table bonnie and clyde were there waiting!...we managed to shake them off on the beach and for lunch but caught up with them in the afternoon when we were asked to go and watch pat take part in the belly dancing (dear god, please don't ever let me end up partaking in anything like that, i don't care if my trousers do fall down when i'm drunk but i ai'nt doing that!)

Please forgive lisas punctuation but she obviously hasn't read "eats shoots and leaves"....more soon
love N and L xxx

Who needs punctuation and grammer when you type on a computer and you have spellcheck and other wonderful programs to do that for you except on this bloody blog which has none lol nighty nighty off to see where bonnie and clyde are hiding in wait for us.......xx


Shazza said...

Great to see you are both enjoying yourselves. By the way "brother" hit yourself with a large wet fish while you are there. Seems in your goodbye letter you forgot you also have a sister and a nephew !!

More about Egypt please I am studying Hieroglyphics at college for the next 8 weeks !

Anonymous said...

Who needs punctuation?! I fully understood the whole paragraph.
It sound like you are having a laugh a minute, would love to watch you trying to avoid Bonny and Clyde, clearly they have good taste.
One week gone, enjoy the next 7 days.
Can I tempt you to return early, desperately need cover in CC, I don't have the energy to count how many hours I have worked this week! Help I need a holiday. Gx

3Steel said...

booked it packed it fucked off!!!!
god i wish i was there sounds fuckin amazing fun