Saturday, September 10, 2005

to lily the Pink...floyd

The rain was pouring down, the thunder and lightening was awesome and Neil and myself were sheltering under a canopy looking like a couple of bouncers on a nightclub door, We were waiting for our driver, the ever punctual lisa, to take us to the corn exchange where we were going to see Off the Wall a Pink Floyd tribute band Neil phoned lisa to find out where she was but got no reply, I said "we could have been there by now" Neil said "she is probably asleep" (I hasten to add that my comment was said in a jovial fashion whereas Steve was being mean and spiteful lol...blogmaster) then all of a sudden our spirits were lifted as our white chariot arrived just in time and blasting out some quality heavy metal sounds. when we got into town we decided to go for a drink so we went to the square where all the drinks were £1.50 Neil and I were nearly taken to casualty suffering from shock as Lisa decided she would buy a round!!!!! but after a few sips of stella artois we were fine.

We entered the corn exchange and made our way to the front row then the rest of the gang arrived Matthew ,Marie, Oliver, Alice and Alan, lisa and i went to the bar to get some drinks as we were queuing we swiped a programme that was left on the shelf and had great fun watching the attendant lady asking people if they had paid for their programme cos she had loads missing (should not leave things unattended) she did not ask us cos lisa had hidden hers under her top.

The house lights dimmed and the band arrived on stage to a ripple of applause, we had done a mini sweep on what the first song would be, this was won by neil as he chose "shine on you crazy diamond", which was performed perfectly, the sound throughout the concert was fantastic along with the lighting and visual images it really was floyd without the pink, they ran through all the more famous tracks such as money, wish you were here, comfortably numb, learning to fly, another brick in the wall, one of these days and run like hell they also did a couple of early tracks from the psychadelic era, Arnold lane and the other escapes me at this time,
At the interval i overheard a conversation between a avid pink floyd fan who said he had seen the real floyd 32 times and another fan (who looked scarily like cat weazel) cat weazel was saying how good the show was but the other guy diagreed saying that the band were crap and were not as good as the real floyd, i said well they aren't the real floyd they are a tribute band and come on it was only £17.00 to get in well worth the money in my opinion, he said we will see in the next half of the show.

Did anyone else think the female vocalist might have been lip synching on the great gig in the sky? (No !...she was awesome click on the link here, this is actually stella fairhead singing live at the gig)

at the end of the show the band got a standing ovation, well deserved in my opinion and would go to see them again if i had the oppertunity. when we got outside i spotted the avid floyd fan and said thats him who was slagging the band off at wich he said first half they were crap but were awesome in the second, glad to hear he came to his senses
all in all a great night out with great company and i cant wait for the next one..............................

see you steve.


Anonymous said...

i buy a round and its national news lol - at those prices it hardly made a dent
I have to say I had the best night it was brilliant the music and the company and apart from the good night the car journey to Neils was the most I have laughed in a car - just dont mention coconuts to Neil lol

See you all soon Love Lisa xxxx

Anonymous said...

blimey, what a surprise, a blog from Steve! Sounds like you had a good night, but I think you were a little unfair to Lisa!(us girls need to stick together) Gx

mcaretaker said...

It was a great night. And the band were fab.
Have just burnt off a copy of pulse(Pink Floyd live tour album) to put on in the car as we tour the states. Will see you all in a couple of weeks. How am I going to survive without a Pc? (panic)Now where is my passport?