Thursday, September 08, 2005

A short history lesson....

You know I was watching television the other day and a program came on about the problems that are occurring in the Middle East. All that stuff about why Osama bin liner is waging a war along with others against the west. Now I am pretty clued up on most thinks but the whole Middle East think does my head in. But right at the start of this program a man gave a very concise and simple statement that sums it up and for the first time I now understand some of what is going on. So as I am sure I am not the only one I thought I better pass it on and it goes something like this.

Since the end of the first world war when the Ottoman Empire (please see map) was carved up because it sided with the losers. (The west divided up the area into countries like Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. This division was done without any consultation and cut across age old historic boarders and religious communities.)Any way to continue. The west has treated the Middle East like a series of giant petrol stations since. And the west’s only interest being that the price be kept low and that they are nice to the Jews.(who have been booted around since time began) The west then just let everything go on in the background. I.e. all the hatred that has built up since the split has been boiling away. And now it’s come back to bite us on the arse. The Ottoman Empire was only split because we saw the potential value in it, and we wanted friendly pro west people in charge. There history lesson over, it just goes to show that short sighted solutions are a false economy.

Anyway what the hell is going on over in the USA. Down in the Deep South in a little place called New Orleans they have got in a bit of bother with a hurricane. The pictures are very distressing and everybody agrees its one hell of a mess. Now I know that after a short break of about five days the Americans have pulled there finger out and started to do something. But what the fuck happened in those five or so days. The Americans really got caught with there fingers up there arses. There initial response was more like that of a Third world country not a First world one sorry “the” First world country. For the second time in not to long the great American confidence machine has taken one hell of a knocking. I suspect that questions will be asked for many years to come.
This will be the last blog from me for a couple of weeks as I am off on holiday. I am doing a tour of what is called the “golden triangle” in America. Basically Fly to LA pick up a car and drive to Las Vegas via the Grand Canyon. Then back to San Francisco and down the coast to Carmel and then La again and fly out. This takes about two weeks and will probably give me enough stories to fill the next few blogs on my return. I have half a mind to keep some sort of journal whilst out there. All of course accompanied by my photos on flickr. See you all soon


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the history lesson, can you recommend a web site that I can access to assist 7yr old with his needs to be full of facts and interesting as it took me ages last night to find interesting facts on Christopher Columbus.
Enjoy your hols, and I look forward to seeing all the snaps on flickr. Gx

Anonymous said...

ohhh that was fasinating thanks matt really enjoyed that - hope you have a good time in LA - vegas and the canyon look forward to the pics Lisa xx