Monday, September 19, 2005

The adventures of pasty boy...

hi peeps

we decided to go off to the hotels shell disco last night with new friends and walked into something that would have seen joan collins swinging from the roof as in The Stud!....there were four guys and us four so it was really buzzing!...two of the guys came over to us while they were absoulutely pissed out of their faces and one sat with me and tash and said hi I am Dave the other one started to talk to Neil and asked where Neil was from Neil said near Cambridge what about you this guy said Heidelberg in the worst german accent you would ever hear... and Neil told him so too turns out they are from Warrington and were at Lancaster Uni they had been told to come here for a holdiay as there were lots of girls here..... to which I had to reply well if you like club 45 -80 you will be fine. They were very disappointed in the talent that was on offer but I have to say they had 3 days left of the holiday and I have never seen so much white in my life not a tan in site!

Sinister Phone Man was sat next to us today texting and phoning but couldnt hear much of what he was saying as new couple and stalkers all decided to descend into our beach hut at the same time -we all ended up snorkelling together aahh how sweet!!!

Anyway its been so so hot today and we have done absoulutely nothing except drink, drink and drink but hopefully we will have lots of tales of camels and jeep rides and shit when we go off on a crusade to the burning bush tomorrow

I have to go now as Neil has just farted and the smell it is leaving is making me go green lol

See you all soon

Lotsa love
Smelly Neil and Lucious Lisa (who has the most fabby tan ever!)


Anonymous said...

Hope you have packed some winter woolies ready for your return, gone are my sandles, shoes are definately the footwear to be wearing.
Maybe Neil should stay in his room tomorrow, talk about too much info.
Cheers Gx

3Steel said...

better keep your pants on lisa! i dont like the sound of the "burning bush" lol.

Anonymous said...

Had to re-read blog, just to see what this was all about, looking forward to tonights entry. Gx

Anonymous said...

hope everything is ok, I have just logged on and no messages for 2 days, something must have happened in the burning bush!!!! Gx