Saturday, September 17, 2005

The strange case of meringue woman and aqua girl...

something is rotten in denmark methinks, or so our wonderful bard once told us...there is something sinister going on between a nouveau riche couple and the lady who runs the water sports section...don't really know any more at the moment but its fantastic watching the furtive glances and the conversations that they have to have with each other away from their partners....more on that later...

carrying on from last night we went off to the lovely italian restaurant and were about to be seated by our lovely blue eyed boy ali when we heard the knife wielding noise of "cooee" from the two bunny boilers...yes derek and pat had saved us a seat and our evening of being stalkees began...Derek then proceeded to turn his camera on proudly, after explaining about the bedclothes being made into different shapes by the room boy, and jollily announcing, "look, here's a picture of me naked with a swan between my legs"...lisas face was a picture and i nearly spewed beer through my nose...i am hoping to re-enact the portrait to post on the blog at a later point. Lisa has to stop laughing first...

Last night at the pool bar I have never seen such a depressing sight as a few middle aged british motherfuckers made complete cunts of themselves trying to sing and dance with the belly dancers...really the hotel is quite high class and did not deserve to be treated in such a wheeltappers and shunters way!...bastards

Today we went off in an air conditioned taxi, arranged by our now friendly stalkers to a local bedouin market which was really fabby, the highlight was when derek swallowed water the wrong way and ended up gushing out of mouth and nose, quite spectacular indeed...i bought two lovely silver rings and after vast and much much encouragement lisa too opened her wallet to buy some trinkets and a rug....god knows how the rug will get home as the suitcase was full when she got here...saw camels eating cardboard boxes along the roadside, quaint and amusing...

Petrol ...10 pence a litre...anyone want a gallon bought back?

Hello peeps well not left to say Neil has had the monopoly tonight we nearly fell out at breakfast this morning when we went down to the beach as our friendly guy had left our towels at our hut and I saw 4 sun loungers laid out and thought Neil had invited mack and mabel to join us in the sun too - I mean I dont mind getting my baps out in front of Neil but after seeing the disturbning photo last night god only knows what pics he may take while I am snoozing (neil is convinced they are the oldest swingers in town - but I think she has sussed that Neil may not be my husband/boyfriend and keeps slipping in losts of gay banter)

Well we are off to see if we can avoid them tonight only because we owe them money lol - fat chance of that they seem to know our every move
Oh one last thing to note Neil left the beach early (deli belly I think judging by the smell in the room when I got back!) so missed the turtle that was swimming in the sea not yards from where Neil had been snorkelling earlier good job really not sure what the turtle would have made of seeing Neil lying horizontal in the water like some killer whale!

more soon lotsa love
N and L xxxx


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Anonymous said...

Oh my God, not sure I can comment, still laughing too much!
Fantastic blog, it gets better by the day if that is possible.
Wait for the look of disappointment on stalkers face when and if you announce that Neil is a friend of Dorothy's!!!!! Gx

3Steel said...

looks like we have a fan!
great blog i have hurt my sides laughing