Thursday, September 15, 2005

back to bedlam

As you see todays blog is named after the lovely james blunt album but if i hear this record one more fucking time i will toss lisa into the sea and follow her swiftly. The beach bar seems to only have the two cds this year, the aforementioned album and a lovely little groover by 50 cent who keeps asking to visit a girls candy store and lisa had to explain this one to me.

Today i learned to snorkel....and guess who taught me, our very own lisa...i thought she was only into muff diving but this was another type of diving that she seemed to know a lot about!...there i was with my head in my mask sucking it airtight with my nose and away i went to be at one with zillions of fish breathing like orca on heat from the snorkel provided....really though it was amazing to see all the fish that had been swimming round my bits without knowing anything about it....heres lisa...

can I just state on the record I have never been muff diving in my life and will not be trying it in the near distant future unless I am on copious amounts of drugs and alcohol and asleep! Neil on the otherhand has tried this out at an early age and said it was nothing like a candy store more like a fish buffet!!!!! lol

Anyway its nice to think that I can still impress a queen with my knowledge of snorkelling and the idea of sucking and not blowing appealed to Neils nature a lot... anyway we are off to see some guys swirling skirts tonight and our stalkers are joining us incase you wondered where they are so far we know the ins and outs of Peckham, Tescos, Car-Jacking, they have friends who are ten million lottery winners (mmmm I am sure I saw this episode in Only Fools and Horses lol) the funniest thing about these millionaires is that they brought a fabulous mansion and had lots of really expensive cars on the driveway and a huge wine cellar filled with liebfraumilch (dear god how tasteless...blogmaster) and beer!!!!! oh how the other half live!

all for now
N and L xx


3Steel said...

i could not think of anything worse than a cellar full of liebfraumilch, they must be related to the king of chav!

Anonymous said...

Clearly you are both high on something or you are having too much sun!
It sounds like a laugh a minute, and I'm really amazed that Lisa was able to teach you something!
This is better than any postcard.
Cheers Gx