Sunday, September 18, 2005

sinister events in the gulf of akaba...

hi you fucking gorgeous readers...neil here, with lisa who will comment later...we had an early night last night as lisa wasn't talking to me because i kept inviting swan boy and his companion everywhere with us!...boy she had a right hissy fit, just like me on a good day...

lets tell you about german obsessive compulsive swimwear woman...we have been watching her since we arrived when we are down on the beach and she does this amazing thing that whenever her tushy hits the water as soon as she comes out she has to ritually strip off the moistened bathing suit, wash it under the shower and then replace it with another one and this goes on all fucking incredible!

no news on meringue lady and aqua girl...

lots of new blood turned up today for us to see, pale as husky puppies and just as friendly...have met a lovely couple who we shall call andy and tash as that is their names and think we have upset aforementioned stalkers with our friendliness towards them...i could feel a steely gaze from a couple of hundred yards away as we made our bond stronger...i was invited by stalkers to go and see a coral brain on the reef by the was most interesting but i felt in danger as lisa wasn't near as she 'had a headache'..hmmm

we also have a new sinister phone man who is an oldish boy who sat a couple of beach huts away from us...lisa was talking to me and i told her to shut up as i was listening to his conversation...what he was doing was phoning from a list in a little notebook he had and was talking to women and asking what they wanted in a relationship and going into very graphic detail etc...he was then making notes and crossing off list accordingly...will keep an eye on him and if my names not nancy drew i will call the hardy boys and tell them of my great adventures!

lisas bit...
As all that know Neil will know he is a tempremental bugger but last night he went further than he has ever gone before - we go into the restaurant to have a nice meal and he duly walks to the stalkers table and sits with them i just stood there with the sudden urge to kick him where it hurts but had to smile and sit - and then listen to hours of conversation on area 51 - the inside of their home - their daughter in america and it went on and on how I sat there a stones throw from Neil and did not stab him with my fork I really dont know and then he has the cheek to say that I was the rude one for not wanting to sit with them - Please can someone tell Neil about wanting space and time alone lol
Anyway I got my revenge and did not go down to see the coral today I just laid on the beach and enjoyed being at one with my book and my thoughts.
Still while seated alone I got chatting with the couple across from me and have arranged a secret trip out without the stalkers for Neil and I to St Catherines Monastary which is something to do with Moses and the burning bush and apparently you get there by jeep and then camel the thought of Neil on a camel amused me lol especially when the lady who we are going with said they went last year and her husbands camel collapsed (its big end went mmmmmmm revenge is sweet!)
I am now talking to Neil as he promised me that I could sit with him alone tonight lol and in fear of his life he will perform accordingly ( I also have the key to the room!)

So until we meet again
N and L signing offf xxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

7 days together and a minor tiff, lets hope you have kissed and made up!
Looking forward to hearing more about "sinister phone man", when are you going to start talking to him?
Glad you have made some new friends, I was a little worried about "swan man", but I would like a full report on the new couple.
Hope you manage to return home without any fork wounds, please be gentle with him Lisa.
Love, hugs etc Gx, gorgeous but not fucking!!!!!!

3Steel said...

are aqua girl and meingue lady related to mermaid man and barnacle boy?, german lady sounds interesting!
gorgeous? maybe!.
see you