Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sunday Special

...mark and mandy looked at the 'sold' sign on the house, looked each other in the face and said "right, now lets trash the joint"....

Today is one of those blog specials that i do occasionally, (and no...its not because i can't be bothered to write anything!) and today I am presenting to you the first chapter of a book I started to write and never got any further with...let me know what you think, i might be tempted to carry on with it...and apologies to those who have read it before but i will have more new stuff for you to read tomorrow...

Tower People
Neil Piddock

Munchen Court – A tower block run as general needs habitation, 114 flats on 15
floors, owned by Tenamore Housing assoc, Central England, Present Day.

Flat 114 – 2 bedroom, penthouse apartment, roof garden

Mr Isaac Rubens, 78 year old doyen of the local Jewish community, sits crying and
wanks himself in his trusty old leather recliner. He lives on his own, his wife died
just over 3 weeks ago from Ovarian Cancer, a slow and energy draining passing.
Mr Rubens finds wanking a release for his emotion that he still feels for his wife, he doesn’t produce ejaculate anymore but the feeling he gets when his testicles tighten and his penis tries to shoot, seems to make him happy.

Today is Friday, and, being the start of the Jewish Sabbath Isaac has been to the shops and bought his supplies that he buys every week. A good kosher diet and plenty of fluids. Today though Isaac has added a little extra to his list, a tin of caustic soda and some bleach, for today Isaac has decided to commit suicide. He feels that he can’t go on anymore without his beloved Ruby, together for 60 years last spring. He knows that all his family and friends are there to support him but that’s not enough. He just has a few more things to do before the end, so Isaac gets out of his chair, wipes his eyes, fondles the tip of his cock and closes the button-fly on his favourite trousers.

Isaac goes to the kitchen and prepares his last meal of Beef stew with Bagels; he lovingly stirs his preferred pot and slavers at the thought of the juicy meat dissolving on his tongue in little under an hour’s time.

Isaac leaves the kitchen and just does one more look around the apartment before he feels he is ready for the act to take place. He goes into the bathroom and straightens the rug once more, looks at his sad face in the mirror, as he does he looks deep into his eyes and thinks about everything those eyes have seen over the last 78 years. He doesn’t think about the war, Isaac feels too many people still think about the war and God must have had a reason to do it, so why question.

Isaac walks across to the second bedroom where he has placed out everything that will concern his family. He has neatly numbered all his documents in the order that his family will have to process them. No one will be angry; he has been very fair to all. He discussed this with Ruby before she passed, so if Ruby was happy so was he.

Everything is fine; he closes the door of the bedroom and walks down the dark corridor to the main bedroom. On the door of this room he has neatly pinned a sign that says “Body in here”. He walks in and just makes sure that the window is slightly open, just enough to take away any odours that may expel when he dies. He realises that there is a drawer of the dresser that he forgot to tidy, he opens it and sees letters that his wife sent to him on various occasions. A waft of Lily of the Valley emanates from the drawer and he smiles as his eyes well back again. He knows the letter on the top of the pile is the one she gave him in the hospice and he decides to re-read it once more...

“My darling Isaac, Our time together is over, I have enjoyed every ounce of your spirit…your smiles, your love and your patience with me in my time of need. You are now free, make the most of it, think of me often but don’t dwell on the fact that I’m not there. I will leave now in the knowledge that my love for you has lasted until my death, for that fact I am extremely happy. I will wait…Ruby xx”

Isaac places the letter lovingly in the drawer, he knows his children will find them and treasure them.

Isaac returns to the living/dining area and waits for his stew to cook for the last ten minutes. He can hear the Nelsons at number 113 just starting to have sex again. He wonders how they find time in the daytime to do it. Isaac gets angry when this happens; he feels they have no consideration for other residents. He thinks about knocking on the wall but then why should he, it’s his last time of hearing it.

Isaac methodically wanders to the kitchen, takes his stew off the heat and ladles it into a large serving bowl. He then takes a glass out of the cupboard, nothing too extravagant, a normal tumbler will suffice. He puts the tumbler on the side and pours some barley water into the bottom, it has to be lemon flavoured, next he puts four tablespoons of caustic soda into the glass and its starts to madly fizz, he opens the bleach and pours approximately one hundred millilitres into the already lethal mixture. Isaac then goes to the tap and adds a little water to make it the right consistency. He takes his bowl of stew and glass to the dining table and proceeds to eat. He finishes devouring his stew and takes the bowl back to the kitchen, rinsing it and the saucepan out thoroughly to escape the risk of maggots. Isaac returns to the living area, picks up his glass and takes it to the main bedroom. Isaac puts the tumbler on the bedside cabinet and proceeds to divest himself of clothes. He can still hear next doors having sex. Isaac realises he is aroused and gets annoyed because he knows that this is not the right time to have an erection. He tries to think of other things and sits down on the side of the bed and picks up the glass…a sip…he thinks it is the most disgusting thing he has ever tasted…he gulps the rest of the liquid down and the burning inside starts immediately. Isaac is in agony but he lies back on the bed and closes his eyes, he sees Ruby looking for him and falls into a final sleep…Mrs Nelson will notice her neighbours absence in a couple of days and be alerted by a smell emanating from his doorway…

...and once again Alice achieved a gold star in the 'licking the teachers arse' book...


Anonymous said...

Oh Neil, I now feel very sad, poor Isaac, how lonely and desperate he must be feeling. I'm now thinking about how many people are living this existance right now!!! I need to know what happens next, give me more she shouts. Gx

Anonymous said...

oh that was truly sad - i cant say anymore i have to go and cry xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Neil that was such so sad - but beautiful at the same time. I cant wait to here what happens now.

I have had such a lovely day today spent in bed lol having a duvet day ahhhhhhh bliss - everyone should try it - Lisa xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I had forgoten how good your imagination was , I have been telling you for two years to get the rest writen. Matt

Anonymous said...

that was really sad but was compelled to read it, what happened next?xxxxxxxxxx Lauren

Anonymous said...

Matt is right "baby brother" get the rest written I want to know more !! Shaz xxx