Monday, February 21, 2005

snow is just gods dandruff

...he took his ear plugs out, opened his eyes and realised that the plane had landed three hours previously...

I have just been very bad, we changed our minds about the Rosemary Conley diet tomorrow so I have ordered from Pizza Hut this very very debauched!

I thank you all for the comments about the first chapter of the book, alas there is no more...yet!
I think i should just briefly explain the idea behind was meant to be a sort of snapshot about a tower block and the events that took place all at the same time in this one particular day in the various flats that would have been connected with each Isaac heard next doors having sex, it turns out that her husband went home in the afternoon to have sex with her once more before he left her for the lady at number 32...then it carries on with what the lady at 32 is doing at that moment etc etc (even i confused myself a bit there, but i think i've explained it okay), very sorry but there is no more of isaac, he simply is left dying and no super hero or hunky policeman is going to burst in and find him in time, it doesn't happen in reality so why should it happen in my book...I may now proceed to write further chapters after your very generous comments.

Had a fulfilling afternoon with matthew today...he was puttting this brown glue on the wall and i was placing cork tiles...I told Matt that it looked like he was having a fecal protest about some cause or other, but it now look very nice in the office and will be a great gallery space for mine and matts photography.

Lets talk about breakfast tv i really want to be eating my Special K watching babies being changed or listening to a very soothing voice talk to me about Thrush and intimate feminine, do i fuck...i want to see cartoon animals eating chocolate and people laughing as they run along beaches, and car adverts that are exciting and diverse. I want to have that last step away from reality before i join the humdrum of the day....PLEASE!

Day 414. I am finding motherhood very disappointing, I thought it might be like having a pet dog that plays and snuffles, I have ended up with something that sleeps, eats, defecates and then goes to sleep again. Papa has been in touch, he wasn't very amused as the baby is quite black and looks like his footman charles...perhaps he was that sexual shadow that i dreamed of. I am sure Darcy will grow up to be a fine standing memeber of the town, but for now i'm rather bored with him.

Don't forget to read the special guest blog tomorrow...

...tears fell as he walked away from the lover that he no longer satisfied and all he could hear in the winds gale was "you've forgotten your mac"...


Anonymous said...

Hi Neil, it's me again, the blog addict. Hope you enjoyed the Pizza, why don't you try the cereal diet, it's worked wonders for so many. Forget the embarassing side effects, we won't mind, and I'm sure the people you visit daily won't notice!
I'm still waiting for the next chapter of the book, I was gripped after the first paragraph, more please.
Ummmmmm, cork tiles, sounds very 70's or are they now back in fashion, it always takes me a couple of years to catch up.
Can't wait for the guest blog tomorrow, she lied!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil its the other blog addict here - your two biggest fans lol loved the blog again today - still want you to write more of the day to day lives of normal people living in tower hell beats my quiet existence. I must come and see the cork tiles sounds retro and Gina I cant wait for your blog tomorrow are we talking hot tubs - pants - gorgeous guys in pubs - massages in pubs - kissing strangers in the pub lol ooooooohhh cant wait llove ya lots Lisa xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Cork tiles are very in and oh so practical.Im thinking Neil and I should start to charge for admision to the Boswell gallery. Prehaps we could have a special show in the summer with an opening party.Oh how very un code of conduct !! lol Matt (Artist in residence) well ex resident actually.