Monday, February 13, 2006

The year of living dangerously...

hi all

Be very afraid, for this year really is the year of the beast as prophesised in Revelations and by Nostradamus himself...we get to June this year and what do we have?...06/06/06...666 the number of the fucking scary is that....I can see it now, it will rain toads, people will get decapitated by glass panes in fast moving vehicles, little girls will be walking the streets with their heads turning 360 degrees and their will be people all over the place being mauled by teams of rottweillers....hmmm, perhaps i have been watching too many films lately...what do you think?

Have you ever google searched your birthdate on the net...I did that very thing today and it was fascinating...I searched on 070863 (as written) and some great stuff came was the day that the great train robbery started when the train left its original destination. It's also a code number for the drug Nitrostat, its a serial number for a book about Art Deco Limages, its a number of a train carriage owned by South Devon railways, its a catalogue number for the read along tape version of 'The adventures of Tom Sawyer', there was also all this stuff in chinese but I couldn't quite get to grips with that!...let me know what you find out if you do a search

Still been enjoying the Winter Olympics and I must say that the Snowboarding has been the most radical stuff yet...dude!...both the mens and womens competitions were magnificent and yours truly has been learning all about 'goofy backside 900's' etc...oh the joy of it all!

Sat and watched an amazing piece of animation today called 'Howl's moving castle'...not a great title methinks but it was translated from the japanese original. It really is a stunning piece of work, great story, great soundtrack and one for all the family. It was made by the same guy who did 'Spirited Away' (showered with lots of oscars and things)...please watch, you will love me for it!

Apparently Lisa is writing an amazing blog as we speak which will probably be the highlight of her blogging career so far....can't wait till tommorow then!...
Neil x

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