Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Random thoughts of Lisa...

Well where does the time go it only seems like five minutes ago when I was writing out my last blog and what a kafuffle that caused.

The programme last week caused lots of chat in the office the next day most of which was astonishment that anyone would want to breast feed an eight year old. I am not sure who had the greater need the mother or daughter but it certainly was not easy to watch.

I had a great night on Friday night it was a last minute thing but ended up having a girly night or WOO WOO night as it became with the girls from work. We all took some food and alcohol round to the house and then had a night of girly chats and lots of laughs. It was just nice to sit around drink alcohol and eat and put the world to rights lol. Suffice to say that we can’t all remember what we said the next morning but we are planning another night next month.

I am off next week (so is Neil) so hoping to get to IKEA in Milton Keynes and have a look round maybe I might drag Neil along too. Nothing planned for the week apart from maybe doing a spot of decorating I have the sudden urge to change the colours in my little home, I am thinking neutral natural colours any ideas please feel free to let me know. I am going from girly colours to a more sophisticated look, I think when you hit a certain age having a princess sparkly bedroom is not cool! (its certainly not a shaggable atmosphere!!!...blogmaster)

Neil gave me a copy of the new Richard Ashcroft album the other week and I love it if you get a chance to listen to it check it out its fab. And in reply to the `Artic Monkeys` I spent Thursday night trying to buy tickets for their gig at Cambridge Corn Exchange for my brother they sold out within 15 minutes of going on sale! My brother was gutted. Still they are playing at Brixton Academy so he might be lucky.

Anyway random ramblings over for this week – enjoy the rest of the week and ttfn Lisa xx

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