Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What does a digeridoo do?

Wow what a week its been at lovely trip to Ikea, my brother putting a blind up for me in the Kitchen (for some reason when I phone to ask to borrow a drill my Dad and brothers recoil in horror and offer there services – could it be memories they have of my DIY skills with a drill and an electric cable, I have no idea but that was years ago and I have watched a few DIY programmes since!

Who can forget the Winter Olympics that has been a delight to watch in the afternoon with the Curling, Snowboarding, Ice Hockey the list is endless, I was fascinated by the Skeleton the thought of hurtling head first on something that resembles a tea tray and 85+ miles an hour sounded thrilling

Neil of course has mentioned the Brits I have to say I thought it was brilliant the performances were all excellent and of course I had tears in my eyes when Prince performed it took me back years too.

On Friday the hi-light of the week was a trip to the coast – We had decided on Hunstanton as a colleague had recommended it to Steve, so we set off in convoy on a crisp cold Friday morning from Bedford. Steve, Claire and Edward in one car and Neil and I following behind. Edward had brought an array of bucket, spades, football, cricket set and boules for the beach.

We stopped on the way for Petrol and then set off, as some of you may know I have managed to mislay the front to my Car CD Player, I have hunted high and low but still its managed to evade detection. So Neil warbled a few tunes to keep us going and interspersed with text messages from Claire in front made sure that the journey was good, I have to commend Steve on his driving especially when a car decided to overtake with hardly any space and Steve had to swerve to miss being hit, I think I may have done a Starsky and Hutch spin and pursued the car.

Anyway we arrive at the Old part of Hunstanton and find we cant park anywhere near the beach, so decide to head back to Hunstanton find a place to park as by now we are all needing to use the loo.

We park up and look over the road to see a massive Tescos, so do we use dodgy beach toilets or do we go for clean Tesco toilets not much of a decision really we headed to Tescos.

Once out we all make out way to the beach, lucky for us the rain that had been predicted did not materialise, and when the sun did come out it was a nice day. Claire was very organised and had brought a waterproof rug so that we could sit on the beach. The sea seemed miles away and we decided to walk down and look for shells. Edward wanted to play every game that was brought down to the beach and we had a brilliant time playing cricket, boules, and kicking the football about.
Neil walked down towards the beach alone, I think he just wanted to be by himself for a few minutes and I think when he turned I could see he had a tear in his eye (he assures me it was the wind, but I beg to differ xx). By now we had worked up an appetite, and you cannot go to the coast and not have Fish and Chips, we found a good place that served Fish and Chips and we all agreed that they were the best fish and chips we had tasted. We left the chip shop and walked slowly along the sea front all full to the brim.
We managed to collect some shells and some unusual stones and after a while decided that we should head off home. I have to thank Steve for the scenic route on the way home, I use the word scenic loosely, getting lost is more like it but apparently women get lost, men take scenic routes!

We arrived back in Bedford safe and sound and decided that the evening needed to be finished off in the pub, where else but the Welllington, My brother was in Bedford that night so I told him to come down and try the ales that are served, he arrived with a friend in tow and was told to try `Elsie Mo` is that a beer asked my brother.

What a night we had the place was heaving, full of young men and the beer was flowing Neil and Steve could hardly pronounce Elsie Mo by the end of the night, a huge discussion took place about moving onto the Pad but I think it was decided by all that the KFC was calling some of them and my brother and friend had a Pizza at home with their name on it.

After falling out the pub door there was manly hugs and we all went our separate ways.

Funny thing was on Saturday afternoon I receive a text from Neil saying what a good night he had but he has a vague memory of kissing my brother (on the check) not 10 minutes later I had a similar text from my brother!

Anyway thanks for reading

Lisa xx


3Steel said...

excellent read lisa, very funny, scenic routes are always full of surprises lol. good night in the pub i seem to remember somthing about a tattoo??

Anonymous said...

oh i remember the tattoo too it was very impressive and there was lots of banter about tattoos with Neil trying desperately to show us his small tattoo but too much drink and lack of co-ordination made that impossible lol

I hear you meet the tattoo in the KFC Lisa xx