Friday, February 03, 2006

High Jinks at Jinx High....

well it's here...Friday...oh Friday, a word that conjures up visions of funtimes, drunkedness, rowdy behaviour, the 'fuck work' ethic and a triumphant sense of freedom!...but its just another day I hear you cry, yes but a day that leads to two days off i reply...well thats if you're not one of these workaholic people that are around.

Lisa has been glued to the tv this week in hope of one after another gratuitous penis shots as she mentioned in her blog the other day...frankly I thought they were a tad boring, you've seen one you've seen them all...and as for the 'biggest penis in the world'..I've had better lol. Good old reliable Channel 4, programmes that you can salaciously talk about!

Have been talking with a cancer survivor this week who told me all about a new form of Chemotherapy that he was put on after his operation, its called Xeloda and its an oral pill rather than the IV drip that you have to go and have...the great thing about this is that you can take it at home without stressful hospital trips. Okay you still get hand/foot syndrome where the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet go red raw and painful. You also get the nausea and the shits but its all in the comfort of your own home..I think that's really important. Will have to remember to talk to consultant about this...apparently you can't take it until 3 months after the operation but i have a feeling i may have heard this wrong. If anybody has further info please let me know.

Some great music coming out from the Underground this week...have been listening to albums by Mew (amazing Danish band), The Czars (an amazing cover versions album), Artic Monkeys (can't really see what all the fuss is about but it's okay), The Crimea (just great), Belle and Sebastian (a wonderfully coherent pop album) and lastly Nine Horses (David Sylvians temporary band - vert arty farty but graciously sublime)...get out there and download things you have never heard of, open your minds, you really don't know what you are missing!

With that I will leave you for the weekend but if i get inspired I may jot a few notelets down...not sure whether we can expect a blog from Steve tommorow as he is off to Manchester to meet Bernard Mannings son...I'll let him explain!!....ta ta

Neil x

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