Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Is a lap dog some sort of perverted pet pleasuring?

hi all...just a quick note from me today...have now found out date of surgery for the big op...March 4th, three weeks on Saturday. It came as a bit of a shock when my consultant phoned me last night to tell's all a bit too real I basically have three weeks to get my affairs in order for the big trip to hospitalland...a land where poorly people get shoved in one end and hopefully come out of the other end with big scars and a smile on the face!

One thing that i HAVE to tell you all...but promise it doesn't go any further lol!...Lisa turned round yesterday and told me she had never been to IKEA...I had to turn away shame faced as my best friend and lover told me the horrendous truth that she placed before can anyone not have visited the iconoclastic structure that is IKEA..the haven of everything design, economical and Swedish...THE home of the's the place where meatballs go to die...meatball heaven!...oh and those tins of little ginger biscuits that they sell at yule...oh God the shame...

Next week we are all on our hols, me, lisa and Dr sensual...Dr and family are going up north till Thursday but on Friday we are all going to the seaside, just so i can get a glimpse of the sea once more before i go (to hospital). So that will be the Sensual couple and child, Lisa and myself running windswept over the dunes in our search for the golden cornetto!...can't wait....Oh and I'm also taking Lisa into the new IKEA at Milton Keynes !!!

Its Matt time tommorow...beware the beast has arisen!
Neil x


mcaretaker said...

I did not think there were any people left on the planet who have not graced an Ikea store yet? Good luck and ay the god of design be with you both.

Anonymous said...

well you tell a secret and its shared with everyone lol good job it wasnt something more juicy I would never be able to show my face in public again xx

Anonymous said...

shame on me neil cos I ,ot been to ikea too. thinking of you xxxxxxx lauren