Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The IKEA Experience...

What a fucking awesome day!!!!...beautiful weather, beautiful company and beautiful meatballs...YES...I had my IKEA meatballs...and when Lisa tasted my balls she really wanted them!

You guessed it we went off to IKEA as promised...the new store at Milton Keynes is a very fabby place and much more nicely nicely laid out than the others that i have frequented. We elevated on the escalator and turning away from the restaurant we made our way around the yellow brick pre planned herding course that they send you on to view all the rooms that they have decorated for your delight. We fondled bits and pieces, oohed and aaahed in all the right places and had a dream fest of visioning ourselves sprawled on the so so comfy sofas and beds.

We nearly bought a kitchen but decided we didnt have anywhere to put it so we left it was very beautiful though, crisp and modern like every good swede should be. We moved around into the 'market hall' and Lisa nearly 'came' with excitement at the array of kitchen utensils, rugs, prints, fluffy things and bits of objet d'art...I must admit I was taken in again as well by the clever marketing of the pile it high sell it cheap was just so much fucking fun!!!....then it was my turn to be treated, we went to the restaurant and I queued up nicely for my plate of meatballs with the cream sauce, lingonberry jam and new was heaven in a little 2 inch ball...I only wanted to do a couple of things in case my surgery goes wrong and this was one of them!...the other is to come on Friday when we are off to the sea...Matt has already asked me if I am taking the bucket, but Lisa has already been asked!!! (sorry can call me a nasty name if you like!)

After IKEA Lisa tried to drag me into the biggest ASDA I have ever seen but my feet wouldn't take it so we drove back to Bedford , popped into Dunelm Mills (very dissappointing after IKEA)..and then off to Choices video so Lisa could extend her shopping habit with some previously viewed DVDs...that was it , but it made me happy...and I know Lisa enjoyed it!
Neil x

PS. I have re-edited lisas blog from yesterday so the recipe reads better for all you foodies!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the blog - wont comment on the bucket bit though too much of a Lady xx