Saturday, February 25, 2006

Tales from the locker room....

Hello people,

well its been a long week at work being the first one back after our time off up north, but hey it's the weekend so i can chill put for a bit hopefully!!!!!.

Today we might go to ikea in milton keynes (depending on how Claire feels as she is in delicate position, baby due on august 14th) to get something to brighten up our home.

Claire and i had a good evening last saturday with Neil as he came round bearing red wine, nobby's nuts and the life aquatic with steve zissou a superb film i had not seen before a brilliant parody of jaques cousteau also very funny i certainly recommend it if you have not seen it, after this had finished the next feature was Wallace & Grommit in The curse of the were rabbit but unfortunatly the red wine was beginning to take effect and i must have dozed off because far off in the distance i heard Neil say "Claire" in a soft voice which brought me out of my dozing feeling very embarassed and apologetic, apaert from that we had a fun night.

I watched arsenal versus real madrid on tuesday night, a great performance by Arsene's players winning 1-0 and by doing this they became the only English based club to beat madrid on thier own ground. Thierry Henry (Va Va Voom!!!....blogmaster) scored the winning goal, funny really cos' he will probably be playing for madrid next season, sorry lisa!!, let's hope they can do the same to them when they take them back to highburyand knock them out of the champions league even though i support Man City, i do like to see british teams doing well in europe, unfortunatly Chelsea did not fair as well on wednesday night, getting beat 2-1 at home to barcelona, in my opinion they were unlucky as they had one of their players sent off in the first half for missing the ball and running into an apponent, who went down like he had been shot, then rolled over loads of times while looking to see if the referee was watching, also every barcelona player was surrounding the referee trying to intimidate him, which they did, cos' when the dust settled he sent the chelsea man off. i would like to see these soft shite footballers play a game of rugby then they might have something to cry about, they also might learn something about sportsmanship and discipline on the field of play.

Football rant over, I can tell you that the Cricket season starts in earnest on the 22nd of April, so i am looking forward to that, and i may fill you in on all the ins and outs of cricket throughout the summer (bet you cant wait for that lol.) anyway thats all for now i'll see you soon,

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Anonymous said...

Yes I think you are right there Steve Thierry maybe snapped up by either Real or Barcelona - especially after our performance against Blackburn in the Premiership. But it was an brilliant game on Tuesday. I am hoping that he makes his debut at Ashburton Grove next season
Lisa xx