Tuesday, February 14, 2006

tips from the babe!

Happy Valentines Day

I hope that you were like me and the lovely postie delivered a sack load of cards, chocolates and flowers outside the door (then came back 5 mins later to deliver them round the village!) Ok I did get one thought at first that Neil had sent me one but was amazed he went ultra cheap and sent me a text instead. Savings his money for meatballs at Ikea tomorrow I think. Well on this most romantic day of the year I thought I would give you something to try some love spells – let me know if they work so I can try them later, of course if you just forgot to send me a card I accept late ones too!

Here are simple effective love spells: -
· White Candle Spell - This is a very easy magic spell of love. All you need to do is that firstly take a white candle. Shop for a thick one (ooer..she likes 'em thick!) that provides you with ample space for inscribing. To begin with, make a platform, where the candle can be kept. Then beautify the candle with your favourite things. Look out for white rose bushes and get some rose thorns. Once you've collected the rose thorns, now get ready for carving these words on the candle " All my love come to me". You have to repeat the process two more times. Then place the candle in the centre of platform and concentrate on it. While watching the candle, visualise your sweetie pie. Keep looking at the candle, till the candle gets completely burnt. Then collect the left out wax and keep it safely and then just wait and watch to see its miraculous effects. Trust me this simple love spell will fill your life with true love.
· Wash Away Love Spell - This spell will enable you to remove the negative feelings from your heart. But to ensure its success, you got to be optimistic. All you need to do is to keep yourself mentally prepared to receiving love. It's a very simple do it yourself love spell. All you are required to do is to place your hands in the running water and wash them properly with a soft soap. While washing your hands, just keep thinking that you won’t keep yourself blocked to love.
· Love Mantra - Love mantra is a real cool one. Take a plain sheet of paper and write the sentence X loves Y. I mean, you have to write the names of persons like Tom loves Rosina. Now we have to write the whole sentence in the reverse order and not to forget we have to go letter by letter. So the sentence would become like this: Anisor sevol mot. Now take a fresh piece of paper and write the same reverse order sentence that we had just written, but this time it has to be written without giving any space in between like this anisorsevolmot. Keep this paper with you and at least seven times a day you have to loudly call out the letters of this sentence individually like A N I S O R and so on. When you get the love of your life, you can throw away this paper in a lake.(indobase.com)

I just want to recommend this gorgeous pudding I am not a lover of cheesecake but this one is truly moreish not for dieters though sorry but lovers of bourbon or whiskey will love it.

American Baked Cheesecake
by James Martin
A cheesecake to die for - studded with bourbon-soaked sultanas and served with wonderfully sticky fried bananas
Servings: 10
Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Preparation Time: 40 minutes, plus cooling
Cooking Time: 55 minutes

3 tbsp sultanas
bourbon or whisky
oil, for greasing
25 cm sponge disc (cut from a large ready-made sponge flan case)
200g caster sugar, plus 2 tbsp
4 tbsp cornflour
850g full-fat soft cream cheese
1 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
finely grated zest and juice of 2 Lemons
3 eggs, lightly beaten
350ml double cream
10 small bananas
25g Butter
2 tbsp Sugar
caramel sauce or maple syrup, to serve
small mint sprigs, to decorate

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/gas 4.

2. Put the sultanas in a small bowl and cover with bourbon. Leave to soak for 15-20 minutes.

3. Lightly grease a 25cm spring-form cake tin.

4. Place the sponge disc in the base of the tin. Sprinkle with a little bourbon, if you like.

5. Drain the sultanas and combine in a bowl with the 200g of sugar and the cornflour.

6. Put the cream cheese in another bowl. Add the vanilla essence, then beat in the lemon zest and juice, the eggs and cream.

7. Stir the dry ingredients into the cream cheese mixture.

8. Carefully pour over the sponge base in the cake tin.

9. Pour 2-3mm of warm water into a baking tray, and sit the cake tin in the tray. (This will help create steam during cooking.) Bake for 50 minutes until the top is golden.

10. Remove from the oven and leave to cool and set completely before removing from the tin.

11. Just before serving, peel the bananas. Melt the butter and remaining 2 tablespoons of sugar in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Sizzle the bananas, turning, until brown and slightly caramelised.

12. Serve the cheesecake in wedges with the bananas, a drizzle of caramel sauce and a mint sprig to decorate

Lisa x

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