Thursday, February 23, 2006

I got those dvd recordable blues...oh yeah...

Is it me or as we get more and more TV channels there seems to be less and less to watch. Or is it not the number of TV channels but the fact that you and me the great television watching public are just getting more discerning in our viewing habits. Even as recently as five years ago I can remember the schedules were packed and you could have a night by the box stuffed with visual delights.

A few months ago the aged video recorder under our telly died after a long and happy life, and to mark the passing of a much loved friend we dropped it in the bin and bought a new DVD recorder. In silky brushed aluminium and with enough features to keep the average airline pilot happy it sits there waiting to do its duty. But the poor thing has had little to do but flash the odd LED and tell the time. As I sit here I cannot remember the last time I needed to use it, or more to the point could be arsed. You see apart from the odd program, if I miss them I do not miss them if you get my drift.

Mind you I think are new friend the DVD recorder is getting its own back for being ignored. It has started to loose time or miss place it or perhaps it’s just become forgetful. When you do set the timer to start at a given time our dear friend decides to start twenty min’s late. Now I could live with this if it also stopped twenty minutes after the time it was supposed to. But no it still stops on time. So unless there is something I can do to change it I will have to send it back to whence it came and replace it with a more educated and better behaved machine.

Ok and now I was going to let a week go buy without talking about anything to do with computers. But I have come across a fantastic site on the web that backs up everything I have been saying over the last few weeks about Spy ware Add ware and all sorts of other little programs that get in to your computer and fry the guts. And coincidently a major weekly PC magazine has also just written about it in a recent edition so it can’t be all bad. The site is all about Spyware, Badware, popup,s and under’s and many other problems associated with surfing the super highway in the 21st century.

The aim is simple to identify and name programs that have Spyware etc hidden inside. And also to set up an information exchange to publicise products and programs that help to identify and keep you safe. It is backed by some big names including Google and you can sign up for news letters that give you up to date info. You can read more and sign up at

Matt x

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3Steel said...

I know what you mean Matt, even though i don't own a DVD recorder, i still have a VCR which i bought with my new TV in 1997 and i think i may have used it to record somthing about 15 times, so it is still as new so to speak as when i bought it!.