Saturday, February 11, 2006

Les olympiad d'hiver...or something in that vain...

yes folks the Winter Olympics are here and yours truly has spent an enjoyable couple of days watching freestyle womens moguling and mens luge...sounds rather exotic doesn't it...but what about our team, WHAT team i hear you all's a very sad day when all we can send as a team is a pair of ice skaters...its all down to government funding of course, or lack of it...I think Blair has a lot to learn from other countries about how much money to invest in sports training for youngsters. May I wish our skating pair all the luck in the world, and I for one will really be enjoying the next couple of weeks...

Big news on the west end theatre front, two great shows coming in September time...'Wicked', a great musical based on the life of the evil witch of Oz before Dorothy kills her...and the second one is the multi award winning broadway production of 'Spamalot' the Monty Python musical written by Eric Idle. The Python musical broke records on Broadway for charging for the most expensive tickets ever, I really hope that it doesn't do the same here as prices have already started creeping over the 50 pound mark. I remember that about 10 years ago I could normally afford to go to the west end about once a month to see a great slice of musical theatre but unfortunately its becoming cost prohibitive and now the theatres really only cater for tourists who are quite willing to pay the prices that they charge. Bring back the theatre for the masses and not just the bourgeoisie...thats what i say!

I really do need a couple of spare hacks...whoops sorry, I mean bloggers who are willing to send me a blog once a week on any subject that they want...just so there is something for people to read every day if they pop by...i hate people being dissapointed...please help me me a blog at
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