Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How many ways can you die in one hour?

Hello all
Well there I was troddling off to the hospital today for my pre op visit to the anesthetist (Mr Ravi Shankar....yes, really...but not the sitar playing one!) and I thought i was going to be told all the ins and outs for my procedure. For the whole hour he played this game where he tried to find as many ways as possible for me to die whilst under his influence. First of all he told me I could possibly get brain damage because of my heart -------(something i couldn't pronounce), then he told me i may be paralyzed because of the epidural in my spine, he then told me that he expected my heart to fail whilst under and that was pretty normal for a person my size...I then said to him "Oh well at least I won't die" which he happily replied "Oh you may do, but thats a very very small possibility"...whatever happened to bedside manner!...I thanked him for being so honest with me and left the hospital feeling a bit deflated. It's just a matter of waiting now. I was under the impression when i went that I was having the op at South Wing Bedford and after 3 days in Intensive Care I was going to be transported back to the safe haven of The Manor in Biddenham but The Anesthetist seems to have different ideas on this and wants me to stay on the ward in the public hospital as I could have a heart attack 4 days after the surgery...Oh Good God!...I want compensation if thats the case, if i'm going to miss out on my private bathroom and my flat screen tv in luxurious private be continued...

I can't think of anything else to write today...too fed up...
Neil x

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