Friday, July 14, 2006

What's that coming over the it a monster?

The Automatic....EMO at it's best!

Well pop pickers, as predicted 'Wolfmother' have started rocking the world in a big way...i wonder who will be next in piddys hall of spectacular abscence is the 'domebadthings' who after some amazing gigs and a really good album exploded into smithereens and were never heard from ever again....that was a real shame.

I was going to talk about something really important today but i have forgotten what it was...i hate it when that happens and it does worry me that it happens a lot more frequently than it used to...first of all it was funny but now its just plain embarrassing...I can walk into the next room to say something and i get there and its completely shit is that!

I have been enjoying Matts NASA link on his blog the other day...last night i listened in to a conversation between a govenor and the chief astronaut man..its just like big brother but in space with intelligence!

You may have seen a link on the right to a thing called 'Pandora'..this is an amazing website and very addictive...the idea is that you type in the name of an artist you like and it will create a radio station using similar musical ideals as the artist you typed works fantastically and will even tell you why it chose to play you a track that it does ie..that the track had the same vocal characteristics, orchestral timbre etc's bloody brilliant...nothing to download on the create station button now and see what happens!

Did anyone see the 'Ghost Whisperer' the other was fantastic, very emotional...jennifer love hewitt very good, the guy from 'Prison Break' guest starred and a good cry was had all this on E4 next Wednesday..i think it's the start of something the way if you missed it it's being repeated on E4 on second chance sunday.

Congrats to David Walliams from 'Little Britain' who successfully swam the English Channel the other day and raised around a million for 'Sports Relief' charities.

Neil x

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