Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Monday blog appearing on a Sunday...who'd have thunk! catch me on a distraught sunday evening ...I have just witnessed Marissa Coopers death in 'The OC'...she died in the arms of her one true love, Ruan Atwood...who was also suitably distraught after having rolled the car down a hillock after being pushed off the road by Marissas current nasty boyfriend Vorcek...well thats that then..a new series starts next year without any of them being still based in Orange County..lets see how that goes...'Hallelujah' by Imogen Heap played as Marissa was beautiful.

I don't know whether I have mentioned my new family but here in the rooftops I now have baby pigeons..I was hoping to clear the mess up that they have left, as they are now venturing out of the nest and flapping their wings a bit...but i looked behind the flagstones and there are two new eggs..they weren't there this morning so now what do i do...I can't commit pigeon abortion, i really can't, so i will have to see what happens in the next week or so...I will keep you posted...

I am now feeling well enough to go dating again so if any of you have any eligible friends, I am looking for someone fairly conversant in most things, someone who doesn't really care what I look like :) and someone who is prepared to date a man of limited means...answers on a postcard please..

Music for the moment...I beg you to listen to the official bootleg of 'Dream Theater - Dark side of the moon'...yes a totally live recording of the Pink Floyd album which is magnificent, they also do more of Pink Floyd including 'Comfortably Numb' on disc 2...I don't know why they have done it but it's great and compliments the original very well indeed.

Lots of Ray Lamontagne adverts on telly at the moment..had forgotten about this album as it was released last year, great for listening to in a darkened room with a bottle of wine and a loved one (they are allowed to provide their own drink!)...beautiful lyrics and know i'm nearly always right with my music so trust me on this one and buy the album :)

That'll do for now....too damn hot!
Neil x

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