Wednesday, July 05, 2006 that a noncy word for stew?

well another day goes by in the big brother house and the entering freaks get wilder and wilder...jayne with a y is one of the biggest shit stirrers around and definitely has it in for lea..michael the new gay is prancing around trying to get his own sleeping arrangements in the bedroom sorted out without giving a shit about anybody else, and Jennie, well she's just a accent i find slightly more irritating than the birmingham accent..she's young and stupid, what more do blokes want form a television show. Aislean has really fucked up big time and one of her 'friends' is going home on the bus tee hee.

Have been enjoying Ramsays F Word show, although I do feel that he is in danger of becoming a walking caricature of himself...great advice and great cooking though..can't wait to see the pigs slaughtered lol...the look on the kids faces will be priceless!

welll.I have just seen 'Superman Returns''s magnificent, it really is...had me enthralled for 2.5hours.

A couple of gripes follow...


Wasn't quite sure about the plot line with Lois being an unmarried mother since Clark Kent had seen her last, and the son turning out to be supermans boy!

Thought the 'first flight' segment was nowhere near as good or romantic as the Christopher Reeve and Margot routine...really missed the 'can you read my mind?' segment.


One thing that did suprise me was the use of the original theme music...Bryan Singer obviously new he couldn't better the John Williams score.

All in all it was worth the wait and Bryan Singer has obviously loved working on every minute of this film. Kevin Spacey excellent as Lex Luther but i feel he may have been a bit underused..imo. See it as soon as it opens at the cinema...

I have no conception at the moment of what is happening in real life world..I spend the days resting, playing with Tiger Woods (not literally), reading, studying up about bee keeping and thinking of photography projects that i might do...that's all to end soon..have to go to doctors next monday and hopefully i will be returning to work on the really can have too much time off you's been interesting but it will be nice to get back to normality...spoke to the boss and he has asked me to go part time for the first couple of weeks so I can drift back to the work ethic slowly...i thought that was nice!

back to Tiger now...I hear him calling!

Neil x

PS. That has given me an idea...can you please email me at and suggest a photo that i may take...I will then post the results on the blog with whose suggestion it was...that sounds like a challenge and a bit of fun.

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