Friday, July 21, 2006

A Message from Rosie...

Rosie Gaines is a fantastic singer (ex- prince vocalist) and from her Myspace account she sent out a bulletin to all her friends..I want to share this message with you as I thought it was very true and very coherent...over to Rosie...

Hey guys just been sitting at my computer wanted to share a few things with you, most of you know about my daughter being in a car crash thankfully she is doing okay now, But it got me thinking about how jacked up this country of ours can be, in terms of medical bills and expenses etc, We really live in a country were you cant really afford to be not well or be involved in an accident and I put myself in that category to because I struggle.

In the uk they have the national health service were you get the best of care regardless of your financial situation okay I imagine its not perfect but at least they try, as a county were not really good at looking after our own people we seem to live somewhere were the rich get richer and the poorer poorer and we base a lot of ourselves on how successful we are how successful we appear to be or even how we look to one another, Remember God made us all in different sizes.

There should be three basic things in the world that people should receive food, shelter and medical maybe if we had these things there would be less crime and poverty in the world, the governments spend enough on war and the military so why not look after the people for a change, there should also be rent control because everybodys rent shouldnt be getting jacked up all the time from unscrupulous landlords its just another instance of greediness, just remember that the power lies with us the people and we should consciously get together as one and say enough is enough and do something about it, dont forget they work for us, maybe its time we took our own power back. We should treat each other as brother and sisters and take back our dignity.

And to everybody that gave prayers to my daughter you dont know how much that means to me I love you so much, thank you for that and your continued support of the music

One love

Rosie G

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