Sunday, July 23, 2006

"I see dead people..."

helloo my dahlings....thanks for joining me on this balmy sunday...I hope you enjoyed yesterdays storm in the UK...there was I basking in rooftop sunshine when all hell broke loose with hurricane force winds, me chasing a pine tree across the roof getting soaking wet (which was actually quite nice), the pigeons taking cover whilst thunder and lighting flashes ambushed the place for about 20 minutes. Having now cleared rooftop flooding damage it is now calm and sunny as usual!

3Steel sent me a picture of Emily through my mobile today and she's lovely, as soon as i can get a pic from 3Steels flickr site I will post it on here...he's a very happy daddy!

Just finished watching the whole of the first series of 'Ghost Whisperer', I did actually rave about this a couple of weeks back but the series is so good I really beg you to watch it, its on tonight on E4 and its only the second episode..suffice to say jennifer love hewitt runs an antique store and has a gift where she can see and talk to dead people who normally want her to do something so that they can finally cross over to the other side. It's a beautifully done series and each episode normally ends with a two tissue weepie scene, it's magnificent and scmaltzy and just presses all the right buttons...series 2 has just been commisioned in the states...yay!

Lisa is coming round for Pizza after she finishes work so I must tidy up a bit and put some more clothes on, I wouldn't like to frighten the delicate little flower!
all for now

Neil x

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