Monday, July 17, 2006

helloooooeeeee....sorry about the lack of blogs over the weekend but blog towers seemed to have been hit by heat malaise! i'm not one to moan about the weather, enough to say that when i got up this morning I thought I had woken up back at the Red Sea and was staring into the Saudi mountains eating my honeyed yoghurt and drinking my fresh orange juice...but i wasn't , I was waiting to go back to work for the first time in 5 was weird, really busy for the half day that i worked, it seemed that all residents had been saving up every minor thing to throw at me when i came back...boy am i tired now though, hot and tired!

Lisa just took me to a wonderous land called things have changed...I really haven't had a good snuffle through all the aisles for a couple of years and what I found amazed me...the amount of ethnic foodstuffs that are carried now is just jaw droppingly brilliant...and when i found frozen ethnic with the saffron ice cream and frozen sheeps eyes i was good this is, it's fanatastic that every taste bud can now be catered for within one supermarket...bring it on bigtime!...

Musically it's a bit quiet but I have had favourable reports from 3Steel and Lisa about the new Motorhead's not due out till August 29th but old Captain Kidd here managed to get them a copy...'more musical' and 'it rocks' were the comments received so its a success i believe. Watch out for new Tom Petty albums and a new Edie Brickell album, which is excellent considering its her first album for 16 years!

Oh its too too hot to think anymore today...I am going to douse my testicles in a bowl full of ice and suffer the consequences...

Neil x

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