Sunday, July 09, 2006

In the name of all that is holy.....

hi find me in a downcast mood today...I'm finding it very difficult these days to keep this blog going, we don't get comments, we don't get people joining in on the questions i ask, whats the point...i think the others are losing heart too..I don't know what to do with it really...I get a report of how many visits the blog has in a week and last week was the best week yet but when I read other blogs thay all have comments and a bit of community we have nothing, it is an important part of my life but I'm not going to let it stress me out. I am going to request once more, I NEED MORE WRITERS!...if you feel like contributing 10 minutes of writing (really, thats all that it takes) once a week please contact me and let me know...anything goes but i do have overall editorial control.

I am allowed to take ten things to a desert island...what would they be...hmmm..

1. portable solar powered dvd player and my x files dvd box set
2. a wireless solar powered laptop with satellite internet access
3. a bottle of thierry mugler 'angel' for men
4. a bottle of remy martin
5. a copy of 'chicken soup for the soul'
6. this mortal coil ' filligree and shadow' cd
7. a poratble camping stove
8. a rubber bodysuit that converts sweat to drinking water
9. a bar of galaxy chocolate
10. a picture of lisa

what about you?....and i'd better get some fucking answers :)


Lori Witzel said...

Dude...I can't speak for anyone else, but reading lots of prose in tiny white type on a black background on a monitor just hurts.

I would love to actually read some of your posts (and then, perhaps, comment) but My Old Eyes are just not able to hang with it.

Maybe an easier to read template would help you get the happy engaged comments I'm sure you deserve?

mcaretaker said...

personaly I do it for the fun of writing I never care if people comment. If they just read it thats ok. But having said that if there is anything that can be done to make it more apealing to read and comment lets try it. I enjoy my weekly write/rant and hope it keeps going.

Anonymous said...

A picture of Lisa ....... mmmm my first thought was ahh how lovely then after a few minutes the old grey cells starting working overtime lol me thinks its to scare any creatures that may appear lol

Anyway the thought was there

I personally love writing the blog each week even though I sometimes find the actual starting process hard - I love reading them all

Lisa xxx