Tuesday, November 20, 2007

whizzy bits!

Being about one step behind your average blogger I have only just noticed the new blog page elements that you can add...so....first of all we have a survey to your right, please join in...also if it works there is a flickr slideshow at the bottom of the page...very soothing and enjoyable.

gay chat, online dating and social events

The link above is active...there will be a little competition, the person who gets the most people to sign up to the website in a week will win a nice prize (to be decided), go and have some friendly banter, it's NOT a dating site but dates can and do happen, if you are out for sex and sleaziness please go to Gaydar!

what have i been doing since last wednesday I hear you cry...well I have been stressing over builders! They started work on my new kitchen yesterday and the first day went well, they stripped all the old units out, ripped off all the wallpaper (and half the plaster) and I went back at the end of the day and all was well..today, now thats a slightly different matter...the electricians moved in to completely rewire the whole apartment, there is trunking everywhere, there are holes in the walls and ceilings..all of which will be 'patched up by the decorator' (i hope he has some magic fucking plaster)...I went back home this evening and it looks like R2D2's innards strewn all over the place...they put their boots all over my bedding, all over my kitchen stuff without a care in the world...and to top it off one of them had a shit in my bathroom! god help me, they are back tomorrow...all i wanted was a nice new kitchen ;(

Great film alert...American Gangster...Ridley Scott's latest epic thrasing in at around 2hrs 45 mins...Russell Crowe is excellent, Denzel Washington is sublime. A bit gruesome in places but not unnecessarily so. Watch and revel in the late 60's / early 70's atmosphere. (warning: does contain racist language pertinent to the era)

Aw, my partner Mike has flown all the way to Arizona to see his brother and left me in the cold cold english winter. I do miss him but i did fly off to Egypt without him for two weeks, so alls fair!...for those people asking, Lisa and 3Steel are very well and may well get coerced into writing a bit now and then if they wish to...perhaps we could have a poll on it!

More on Thursday...take care of yourselves...

ciao x

I WiLl sOON HAve mY DaY...I aM cOmiNG...

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