Thursday, November 08, 2007

Piddys problem page...

"Dear Auntie piddy,

I find quite low ball bags quite attractive in a man and wondered if there was any exercises that I could do to improve my own shape so to speak?"

Dear ball bag fan....there is quite a simple stretching exercise that you can do. First step is to get yourself nice and warm, a bath would be a good example. Jump out of the bath and grab your scrotum at its lowest point in between the forefingers and thumbs of both hands. Now bring your sack out and up over your little person bringing it as near to your belly button as you can . Now hold for 10 seconds or more. Repeat this for about ten times a day and you shoulkd have a knee knocking ball bag in next to no time. Enjoy your scrotum

"Dear Auntie Piddy,

My mother once told me that you should not use a cat as a loofah, she told me that hamster fur was better for collecting residue fecal she having me on?"

Dear cruel bastard....if you even think of putting any animals near any fecal matter I will stretch your scrotum so hard (see exercises above) that you will scream like a girl and walk round saying 'you put the lotion on the body' in a weird creepy voice for the rest of your life.

"Dear Auntie piddy,

Is there a way to make someone in a coma really happy?"

Dear carer...yes, just switch the fucking machine would you like it if you had to spend your days with tubes up your nose, down your throat, up your old man and out of your anus. How do you think it would feel to rely on fluid substitutes as food, perhaps being sub conciously aware of some fool singing your favourite song over and fucking over again just in case you decided to pull through. do you think it would make them happy?, I assure you that they would be fucking delerious.

Thats all that we have time for on the letters right now, more from auntie soon...

What about the venting I hear you cry, well I have calmed down a bit now except for the frat's an American thing that seems to be creeping into our colleges over here, but why?. . . do we really have to act like those jerk offs that show their dicks off at every opportunity to every one that will look...fuck me, it's no wonder george bush is in power if this is what america breeds...I can just see it now, President of the United States in 2054 is Bradley (9 incher) Mogwai, a 22 year old surfer dude from Santa Rosa whose party trick is to jerk off into unsuspecting friends drinks and watch them down his salty seed. He likes to party and believes that the world IS America. He has never been out of the country and looks forward to his yearly dwarf throwing tournaments with the other 465 states. This IS America , the ship of fools...Jackass

ciao x

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