Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving you Turkeys!

Happy days to all our American friends today...hope you get stuffed on pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes with butter and cream, pecans and anything else that is overloaded with cholesterol!

Football....hmmmm...grrrr....I will post exactly what i texted to Lisa this morning..."sorry to hear that England had to play the disabled team at last nights game. We might have actually won if there was an able bodied one amongst them!"...that about sums it up really...the manager has been booted...the fans have been pissed off, but it's what we expect in this country...lets face it guys, we are crap at anything competetive...okay maybe we stand a chance at the 'person who can eat most otters in one minute" comp, but nada apart from that. I declare English sport 'dead'

Top Tune

we've got tickets!, we've got tickets! and lisa toddle off to the apollo hammersmith in February...hope he has some cool guests ;)

following on from my refurbishment story the other day the electricians came back and I popped up at the time that is known as 'lunch' and nearly sobbed as i saw my apartment strewn with cables, dust, dirt and my £2000 tv and sound system sitting in the middle of it i remained calm i will never know, but i did and at the end of the day i went back up to the flat and it 'nearly' looked as if nobody had been in there...except for this fine film of white dust. Well, the electricians have gone now and my kitchen units get erected tomorrow, all doors will be shut firmly so as not to attract any stray debris apart from the kitchen...lets see what happens!...

Well what about this fucker whose been burying people in backyards then...what a fucker! I came across a crime scene once and tried to report to the police that a man in black had killed hundreds of people and had buried them in a big field by an unused was the talk of the village when hundreds of armed responses stormed his hideout...the vicar of the local church and cemetary was not amused...

top film

out now on dvd and very tremendous it is too...not at all what i expected!

ciao x

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