Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a difference a day makes...24 little hours... Dinah Washington used to sing to me...and yes it does make a difference, one day i'm leading a hum drum life and today I am a choreographers dream, a dance superstar...well i would be if i hadn't of twisted my foot trying to master the 'camel walk' and the 'slurp'...what the fuck am i on about?...well lisa and i watched 'Hairspray' for the umpteenth time but now with added lyrics so you can sing along with tracy turnblad and company (which we did quite loudly) and then i thought i would watch all the 4 hours of dvd extras today..I started the included dance lessons quite well and was happy with my 'mashed potato' and 'watusi' but when we had to put them all together I sort of got confused into and ended up in what looked like someone playing a solo game of 'twister', i got off the floor okay but now have a little limp...but i don't mind because if people ask i can tell them it was damaged when i was a dancer in 'Hairspray' :)

Top Tune

Ahhh...gawd bless cancerous Kylie...she's always the belle of the ball to me...thank you Jake (from the scissor sisters) for writing this with our Princess...should be a monster. Can't wait for tonight as they are showing the whole of the Kylie film 'White Diamond' on Channel 4 (uk) from 8pm to 10.15pm...woo hoo... (note to lisa , please take this one off the xmas list that i gave to santa!)

Big shout outs to the guys on who have been keeping me amused on the forums while Mikey boy is still hot and sweaty in Arizona...only a few more days of celibacy left ;)

Top Film

Now this should appeal to the latent Princess in us all...I have a copy of this but have not watched it yet but it looks like a great bit of escapism...we shall ALL go to the ball :)

I had better get back to my dead friends now...i hear them calling...

Happy days ...ciao x

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