Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ich bin ein berliner...

As john f kennedy once said to marilyn monroe "fuck me , is that your bush or are you wearing a small coat".

I'm still here...do not panic my petals...i have had a busy few days and will post a proper blog on thursday evening, and boy am i in the mood for venting!

topics may include...
1)Frat boys and the fraternal spirit.
2)how bad a companies management can actually be and still get away with keeping their jobs
3)the dramatic rise and fall and rise and fall and fall and once more fall again of the lovely amy winehouse.
4)Dogs - fuck buddies or pets?
5)The problems caused by going into an std clinic and saying "my dog has crabs"
6) New music, film and artsy fartsy painting installations

looking forward to seeing you here...tune in or drop out (but please don't drop out, really, I have a pepsi max addiction to feed)...i love you all...ciao x

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