Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pixies stole my toothbrush and used it to clean an elephants bottom...


how the devil are you...thanks for turning up to read...

why am i promoting this you ask..because its gonna get you hooked like a pure dose of smack, it's going to overtake your finger control on the keyboards, it's going to take over your life...well, am i being a bit dramatic, yes...but it is a rather good tv game show website using the latest tv2 are the star of such programmes as 'deal or no deal' ' the price is right' 'family fortunes' etc etc...all with your favourite tv hosts...a great way to spend hours. I love the site and I wanted to rave about it a bit more but as the site is in beta form they still have a few problems to sort out such as lagging and freezing (PLEASE SEE ADDENDUM BELOW), which is most annoying when you have got to a banker offer of 125000 and can't take it any's bloody good though and hopefully will only improve with age.

ADDENDUM,after a week of emailing to and fro to the lovely man Jack at wedigtv they finally have seemed to sort the server out and everything is pretty much perfect. The only problem is I am wasting too much time on the site and I have now got a cupboard full of Vanish carpet cleaner and have booked five trips to Disneyland ,you will see what I mean when you play the games on play!

2. why are people in the medical and healthcare industry all so fucking moody. They treat people like shit, moan about pay (excuse me, but who chose to go into that career path when you knew what the wages were) and now some carers are threatening to go on strike because they don't like going around at night by themselves. Fucking namby pamby society, we ALL want money for doing nothing but lets face it it doesn't happen very often. I know where carers are coming from (i've been there cleaning peoples shit and wouldn't do it again) but to threaten to withdraw help from an old and frail person just to get your own way is monstrous, vindictive and a downright uncaring attitude...not something someone would expect from a carer. Social Services aren't really bothered though as there are many many immigrants from all over the world just waiting to step into the renegade carers footsteps. Unfortunately the majority of professional carers these days would have found it difficult to find another job elsewhere due to their lack of intelligence. Doesn't this story just underline that fact!

3. that reminds me...have i told you about the time a chap i was caring for passed a constipated bowling ball and it rolled off into the hallway with me chasing after it...thought not!

4. top tune

An oldie but goodie...allison and will have a new album coming soon :)

5. MOBY has announced his new album release for February called 'Last Night' promises to deliver more in the way of dance and techno beats than the last three albums. Can't wait :) Please let their be a tour to promote it.

more more more....encore encore......not now i'm too tired... ciao x

I Am A StAlkER...MY NaMe iS NOt ImPOrtANT AT ThiS tIME...I WiLl USe PIDDyS PLace aS MY New HOMe...I LIKe to wATch...

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