Tuesday, June 07, 2005

lisa's longings!

Well after the last few thought provoking and well written blogs it seems hard to write anything that is remotely inspiring or personal.

But as I was sitting at my desk earlier today looking out of the window at the beautiful weather outside and hearing that Neil had at last started to get ready for summer and actually put water in his pool thoughts turned to holidays – Gina as we know has been away sunning herself with her now he is 7 year old. She will come back relaxed, maybe with a tan and feeling ready to face a few days at work before she is looking in the brochures for the next get away from it all holiday.

As many of you know Neil and I are off again in September to Egypt for some r and r, and anything else we can do that is free lol.

I wish at this moment that it was September now and I was packing to go, a good holiday is what is needed at the moment, being able to relax, swim, and sunbathe or even go off on some adventure, taking in the sights and sounds and culture of somewhere new. Not having to worry about shopping, driving, the morning rush hour, neighbours or anything that you have to face week in week out.

Still lets hope that Neil throws a beach party real soon and we can all chill in the pool with a tall glass of Pimms and something sizzling on the barbeque! Ok its not the same but at least it’s a small piece of heaven.


Anonymous said...

not long to wait lisa! your holiday sounds fab!

mcaretaker said...

Why don't you ask Neil if you can have a beach party on the roof for your 40th. lol