Saturday, June 18, 2005

Saturday sayings with Steve...

The story continues...

wow!, here come the eighties, not much happened in 1980 that i can remember apart from the odd concert or two, UFO and the Scorpions spring to mind!,so on to 1981, i met a new girl this year her name was janet she was two and a half years older than me and lived on a farm about two miles out of ulverston, it was quite a walk for me cos i suffered a lot with asthma at this time, janet and i were always together walking in the fields on the farm or canoodling in the barns it was great, we used to go to my house on sunday evenings to play cards with my nan and doug, it was a laugh cos doug always used to flirt with janet and my nan would hit him with a cushion and tell him to behave himself.

In 1982 Dad and uncle Barry had started a haulage company exporting Charles Wells beer and importing fine wines from italy, one time when dad was out of the country janet and i got engaged much to the dislike of my dad, who, when he got back had the first of his many falling out sessions with me saying that i had not asked his permission and that i had been very sneaky obviously, i disagreed and we had a blazing row in which i threw everything up about him splitting up with my mum and abandoning us kids to tell mum the news, you can imagine he was chuffed i mentioned that, not!!.

I left school this year and started working for a forestry contractor in the village of cartmel, the boss was called bob and he was a psycho, he would tell stories about when he was supposed to be a mercenary in africa,( i just thought he was full of shit) he would dress up like Rambo when we went into the woods to fell trees and try and sneak up on you from behind but he always failed dismally, honestly he looked like an extra from apocolypse now, he would also lose it big time at the drop of a hat he had no self control. He was quite the ladies man though always chatting up people and telling me of his conquests( funny thinking about it now but he probably was not getting any as he was talking about it all the time) bless him!.

After i had been on the forestry for about a year Janet decided i was not on enough money, well it was poorly paid on the forestry iwas on £35.00 a week, so i started looking for a part tme job in the evenings, eventually i saw an advert in the evening mail for a Bingo caller/ barman at the Roxy Bingo and Social Club, Brogden Street,Ulverston. So i applied and got invited to go for an "audition" so i turn up at the interview and was asked why i had applied for the post and replied " i need a bit more money as i am saving up to get married" (yeah right) so i got the the job and even though i say it myself i was a bit of a maestro at the old bingo calling and all the ladies in the crowd thought i was ever so posh when i called the numbers out and very smart in my tuxedo and bow tie.

One night the club put on a game for £1000 and guess what i missed the claim, the place was in uproar but i had to carry on to the end of the game to find a winner i did not miss this one as the shout nearly tore my ears off, at the end of the nights bingo we were having a drink in the bar and this woman came running up to me and battered the living daylights out of me with her handbag and umberella i ended up with a black eye and a split lip, but i did remind her that the onus is on you to stop the game at which she said i'm not coming to this club ever again(she came in the next night!)

feeling a bit tired so i'll see you next week, Steve........x


Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve, this compensates for the "missing" Friday blog. Glad I didn't wait up!!!!!
"Roxy" I would guess there was at least one bingo hall in every county called this.
Can't understand your dad's reaction to your engagement, was he a bit of a control freak?
Have a good weekend, how many cricket matches are you playing, remember to drink plenty! Gx

Anonymous said...

oh i am so glad your memoirs are back i love it - Lisa