Monday, June 13, 2005

a bit of a chat

hi all...just some bits and pieces that i have thought about over the last couple of weeks...

excitement of excitement...PINK FLOYD have reformed to play at the Live8 those are tickets worth getting your hands on.

Well the pool is up and filtering...and we have had the coldest June on record for years and years and years...last year after the pool went up it was the wettest July and August we had had for a long long time...what does that tell...(answers on a small postage stamp please!)...will the pool get usage this year?, mind you it was lovely when we did get the searing heat last year.

I'm off next Thursday to The Royal Festival Hall to see a modern day variety show featuring amongst others Marc Almond and's all to do with Patti Smith's Meltdown Festival which is going on...should be a most entertaining evening!

I have decided that Red still is my favourite colour...i was being swayed over to purple but i have snapped back to Red again...I don't really know why i am telling you that, but it makes me happy to do so.

I have been listening to some marvellous music at the incredibly good album by some singers from Mali, beautifully rythmic....the new Coldplay album which stuns me into silence on listening...The live Kraftwerk album which has just been released is pretty marvellous...and a beautiful singer called Linda Mistovsky who sounds like Fleetwood Mac and as such the album demands your attention.

Went with Lisa to see 'League of Gentlemen - Apocalypse'...6/ was funny but could have been a lot better by using some of the other characters as the main protagonists. Lisa fell asleep for quarter of an hour, decending into snore city but i managed to tap her on the leg before the drooling session started!...and this was at 11.00 in the morning!

Well today is the day that they start to dish out the tickets for please God, i don't ask for much but i woukld really really like it if you could swing this one for me...amen.


Anonymous said...

good luck with the tickets Neil!
and i have to agree that Linda Mystovsky is well worth a listen

mcaretaker said...

Ah nice to see you back in the land of the writen word.I agree about the albums especialy the Coldplay very pleasing to the ear. I suppose the question is if you do get a pair of tickets who will you take and are you open to a very large bribe ? !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Last year the weather was crap, this year so far it's been crap, so looking on the bright side, it can only improve. Remember I have a tan to keep topped up and some unsightly white bits that could do with seeing the sun!
I agree with you about the red/purple debate, I like purple but it does tend to date.
Poor Lisa, she works all the hours god sends, so she is entitled to a little nap, although it must be embarrasing at 11am.
Must go now, I'm really sleepy, glad to see nothing stops the blog from appearing-keep up the good work Neil, love ya Gx