Monday, June 27, 2005

Pookie's gone AWOL!

First of all today I would like to say god bless and god speed to Richard Whitely who unfortunately passed away yesterday...'Countdown' will never be the same again.

oh the weather is so beautiful today and i am full of summer joy...I was on the course today with a sick person, they managed to get to lunchtime, stuffed their face and then decided to go home because they didn't feel well...its amazing what ailments the sun brings on isn't it...

Did anyone see the sublime play about the G8 summit on Saturday (The girl in the cafe), it starred the wonderful Bill Nighy and it was written by Richard Curtis as a pre-curser to was wonderful, a lovely bit of tv which made me cry in all the right places!

Spent the weekend watching most of the Glastonbury festival, there were some legendary performances, especially Coldplay who were incredibly good and Rufus Wainwright whom I wont write about for fear of dribbling. ( I was writing this sentence Rufus came on the radio, how strange is that). Brian Wilson played an amazing set and Babyshambles were just amazingly shambolic!...the most miserable sod award has to go to Van Morrison who wouldn't let anybody televise or radioplay his set, but from what Edith and Colin said he was shite anyway. Elvis Costello was a great live act as usual and it all added up to one of the best Glastonburys for ages...unfortunately its not happening next year as Michael Eavis and the village are having a year off.

Been having a few problems with the pool since the rain came down on Friday...water turned a bit cloudy and i've had a few problems clearing it...not too bad this evening so may go for a swim to test it out.

Fun tommorow...huge crane visiting the homestead to place some building materials up here on the roof...15 storeys up, will take photographic evidence if possible...

Please don't vote Kinga out of Big Brother, we need her to go in, cause chaos and shag everything in sight!...can't wait to see what happens with a cucumber!

I think that will do for now...if i think of anything else I will add it later

Ciao babies!


Anonymous said...

Hi, thought there would be some more fab photo's of the park. Sorry to hear the pool is cloudy, you need to sort it soon as more rain is forecast.
Amazingly I managed to watch some of Glastonbury, but missed Rufus.
Oh no, what will we do without Richard Whitely, will that be the end of Countdown. Take care, will see you all soon. Gx

mcaretaker said...

Hello nice to be back. Whats been happening then ? Any news anyone.