Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Whispering's Gina!

Feeling a little battered an bruised today, I'm not sure why, but I think it has something to do with the hectic but very enjoyable last few days. It was a great night Friday, and a fab party at M&M's on Saturday, and of course Sunday, I can't say any more on this at the moment, but I may "show and tell" the girls one day after a few drinks. I now need to spend a few days in bed recovering from the weekend but instead I have to think of ways to entertain 7 year old, he has also had a busy weekend and managed to sleepover at his friends house on Sunday night. Downside of that is it's all been a little too much for him and he now seems to be feeling poorly(lets hope he doesn't take after his mother), so we may both spend the next couple of days recovering in bed, to ensure we can fully enjoy our weekend away, this weekend.

Maybe my survey for this week could be, great, cheap places to visit during the school holiday, that are not too physical.

Going back to Saturday night, it was great seeing everyone, and catching up on all the gossip. As usual Lisa had a few interesting "girlie things" to share and has promised to include them in her blog on Tuesday. Of course there was one topic that I was really interested in and that was the details of her most recent purchase. I know this will surprise everyone but she has just bought another "bob", it's called a jolly green giant. Just incase Lisa has decided not to include it in this weeks article(that's if she amazes us all and writes one, lol) I though I would as there are a few questions I would like answered. I know this is so unlike me, but I really do find the whole subject quite fascinating and need to know if it would be money well spent.

So would you please answer the following questions Lisa. Have you tried it yet. Is it value for money. Was it worth the embarrassment of being caught purchasing it? Should I get one? Is it really green, or does that mean it's environmentally friendly? How many "bobs" does one girl need? Lastly, maybe people thought it was a 40th birthday pressie, so they will be giving M a few knowing looks.

Have been hitting the sale's today, not sure that was very wise but the retail therapy was clearly needed. Have overspent and over-indulged on some unnecessary purchases, so now can't afford the jolly green thing even if it does come highly recommended.


mcaretaker said...

Unfortunatly Lisa seems to have bottled it and did not supply her blog this week. Ah well probably to busy with her new purchase !!!!

3Steel said...

also had a fab night on saturday, but had to sleep in the bathroom

Anonymous said...

can a girl not keep some things secret lol - maybe i should conduct a survey on the subject and write it for the next blog - sorry there was not one this week guys but i was on the twilight shift at work - Lx

Gx glad you had a good weekend you lucky lucky thing xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
Did you not have a good weekend? That's really strange as we were at the same venues for most of the weekend! Did you not feel a little battered and bruised?
I think we have already completed a similar survey. If I remember you were clearly in the minority, of course there is the possibility that some of the participants did not tell the truth! Gx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gx in answer to your last note I had a fab weekend too but some of us were luckier than others I spent Sunday alone! lol did anyone else or where there cars driving down a road in Kempston peering at a certain house - Lol Lisa xxx