Friday, July 22, 2005

The blog with no heading...(apart from this one)

Well here it is...6pm Friday and my drinking has started for the weekend of fun, debauchery, shame and humiliation (although the last two will only happen at a friends party if i go too far!)...I have a friend who often ends with shame and humiliation and that is on a normal pub night! we will see who has a guilt complex!

This has been one of the worst weeks I have had to battle through and it seems to be all around with other friends saying the was a full moon this week and i wonder if the lunar cycle had anything to do with it...

Have been watching Big Brother and I pray to God that Science is out this week...please, please, please...I have to feel sorry for Craig because he is in a situation with Anthony that I have felt on many many occasions...the situation of one-way love...its awful when you really love someone and they just have no interest in you at sort of turns into obsession and normally ends with an emotional smack in the head that knocks you for six for a few weeks...or normally you end up in a therapists chair being asked "...and how do you feel about that". I seem to have spent my life down this route (apart from the therapist is normally a bottle of Gin and a TV that magically talks back after a while)...its a's all going to end in tears...

Its a big crowd for the pub tonight...My adorable Lisa, Dr Sensual, Wolverine, Gx, Matt, Marie, Lynn and our latest guest Rosemary (who happens to be my roof neighbour)...I don't tend to report anything about the pub nights anymore due to privacy restrictions enforced by myself on myself...i just felt that in the last few months of the blog I have bared my soul and now I'm at the point of collecting a new set of beliefs and information that I am sure I will share in the future at some point.

Well thats me signing off for now...hope to have a blog from Steve tomorrow for you...until then..

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Anonymous said...

Great to have you back Neil, I really do miss your blogs. Oh bugger, I clearly do have a guilt complex!
Looks like your wish has come true, thank god Science has left, although I don't tend to watch too much BB, from my very limited knowledge he really is a first class tossa!
Good night, and looking forward to another one tomorrow(ops it's 1am so I should say today).
Goodnight all, hope Steve has managed to rise early on complete his blog entry. Love ya, Gx
ps, are you sure I was only drinking shandy tonight? I will accept full confessions later!