Saturday, July 23, 2005

Confessions of a bingo caller!

· 1985 is the year and i got paid off from my job as a builders labourer which left me with just my night job as the roxy's bingo caller and barman, although the manageress did give me a few afternoon shifts calling, and a friday morning shift cleaning the bar and beer lines to boost my wages a bit which is always good in my opinion. Working all these extra shifts at the club brought me into contact with the afternoon staff one of which was a 35 year old lady who will remain nameless but she was quite attractive and she took an instant shine to me, she would always be trying to chat me up and she would say "when are you going to take me out" and i would say shyly "i don't know" this went on for a few weeks until it was one of the other girls' birthday's, we were all invited to go, i think it was at the local conservative club (not somewhere i would normally go i might add) but the booze was cheap!! any way things were going along smoothly getting slightly tipsy and eating the nibbles when i was asked to dance by said 35yr old, i would have said yes but the song was "boots up side your head" and i was not doing that!!. Later on she asked me again, we were both a little worse for wear and i said yes, soon it was all over and everyone was leaving and she asked me to walk her home i said "don't be daft you only live there" as i pointed across the street, "drrr!" she said "no, i want you to WALK me home" nudge nudge, (god i was so thick!) any way after that we spent the next few months going out, much to the disgust of my dad but hey i had got used to his disgust over the years. she finally broke it off with me as she said it was not fair on me being a lot younger than her.

· This year also brought my mother back into my life for a while, she had rang up my Uncle Barry asking him if Graham and me would go and see her, so we go to see her and she explains to us that our grandfather was dying and that he had requested to see all his grand children before the end, So one sunny sunday morning my brother and i set off in my morris marina coupe' on the 14 mile trip to Coniston, when we arrived at the house we were welcomed in by our grandma who hugged us both saying we had grown into big lads, grandad was sat in the lounge watching the snooker (boring), he was wearing a oxygen mask as he had developed a breathing problem brought on by years of working in the slate quarries and copper mines, the day turned into a giant friends reunion as all the people we knew kept popping in it was a great day spent reminicing about years gone by and all the things we used to get up to.

· One night when i was at the bingo i was calling the numbers out my Dad appeared at the back of the hall, at the break i went to see what was up as he had never been to the club before, he asked me where my car was and i said it was parked outside my nan's house, he then said that actually its lying on it's roof on a road called Hill Fall and that he was sure that it was my brother who had crashed it, i pondered for a moment and said "but graham can't drive, has no liscence or insurance" so i went to the police station as they wanted to know if i had given graham permission to drive the car as i would have been in trouble if i had, then we went to look at the scene of the accident, what a sight my car had hit a parked car on the right hand side of the road turned on it's roof and smashed into the playground wall of my old junior school but graham was nowhere to be seen , aparrently he was helped from the wreckage by a ten year old boy and he had ran off. he eventually went to court and was ordered to pay £600 to the owner of the car that he had crashed into also to buy me a new car and got banned from driving for 6 months.
· thats it for now, next week ..............drag queens in a volvo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve x


Anonymous said...

Great read, although from your comments in the pub I thought it was going to be x rated!! Probably wise to tone it down. See you and Claire later. Gx

mcaretaker said...

Great story well writen as always.