Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hi is the day I return to my first the coming months and possibly years I hope you will join me on a wondrous journey through an eclectic mix of tunes...some with a story and some without.

I wanted to open the music blog with a bang so have given you this Soulwax remix of The Gossip's 'Standing in the way of control', a lovely monstrous event which in my opinion is the best version...More cowbells I hear you cry! be honest I think Beth and gang latter attempts have been a bit hit and miss really, I think fame took over before the talent really came out..
This is just an opener page but please follow me and I can promise laughter tears, revealed skeletons in my cupboard and all sorts of mischief.

Welcome to 'Piddy's Place' Reborn :)

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Kayleigh said...

How about Elton John's Sacrifice? ;)