Monday, October 26, 2009

Have you tried love?

well....have you? 'Have you tried love' is a wonderful prelude to an album by the 5th Dimension, they were one of those bands that your mum and dad used to get groovy with on Saturday night Seaside Special really is a lovely bit of work though and it's amazing what you come across in old albums that you explore..

You will hopefully have realised by now that if you click the name of the song a new little player should appear, this will be my new home for the forseeable future, it's a lot more cosy and easy to access :)

Love is a funny thing, people have the most odd and ingenious ways of expressing songs are the backbone of society, where would we have been without our beloved mix tapes that we did for anyone that caught our eye...the kids today don't know what meaning a mix tape had...can you remember mix tapes that you did, I'd love to hear about them if you post onto the blog :)
'Love' by Air is a new song off the new album called Love 2 and don't you just love these french boys, taking electronica to bohemian heights, it's a groovy little album and well worth the pennies.

I've seen someone I fancy so I'm off to do an MP3mix doesn't have quite the same ring does it :(



Kayleigh said...

My mum says you are amazing at making mixed tapes and mentioned one you put together for her 30th birthday.

I agree that people express love in strange ways. I find that some grown men still adopt the 'playground' routine, "oh I like her so I am going to be mean to her!"

piddy77 said...

bloody hell Kayleigh I can't remember as far back as your mums 30th birthday! lol I have trouble remembering what i did yesterday!