Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby the stars REALLY did shine bright!

Some of you may not know this but I used to work for Virgin, in the old days of the little shops where everyone was actually interested in music, and this is where my love for anything Aural came from, I discovered many precious tracks on my journey and was always excitably forcing music down friends earholes on a daily basis.

I had always liked Everything But The Girl since I fell in love with Tracey Thorn's voice when she was a tender young thing in the Marine Girls, after that she teamed up with Ben and created 'Night and Day' on Cherry Red Records under the EBTG moniker, a 7" which I still hold dear to my heart, they made some lovely early albums but the day arrived when I put on the latest EBTG album promo from the WEA records rep and was encapsulated in a land that was part Nashville and part Sheffield...the lush orchestral sounds eminated from the system and I wept with it's beauty and defaince against the current pop system. Baby The Stars Shine Bright was and will always be an album for me that ties up my life at that time, it was camp, honest, loving and beautifully produced! 'Come on Home' was the first single and typified how the rest of the album would develop, it shocked record execs who swooned as their lovely indie band became Country and Western Favourites...but strangely enough it worked, the album sold in its zillions and it was heard eminating from hi fi demo shops all over the world. The lushness of 'Come Hell or High Water' meant that it became a personal became an album for lovers, an album which found new fans and stardom but most of all it became an album classic...I hoped for many years afterwards that they would do a similar styled follow up but it was never to be..but my memories take me to a good place every time I still listen to it...

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