Tuesday, October 27, 2009

on being nude...

Nude, nudity, nudeness...is it all relevant. Here's a track by Radiohead called 'Nude' a terrific and lovely piece that makes me quiver. At my age looking at myself nude I see a lived in body that has seen the scars and knocks of a lifetime, it bears the memories of too much good food and drink, it shocks me into submission...when you're young, you see a perfect you, a body that has no imperfection, a body that you want to keep and have all the good intention of doing so...some succeed but most don't, your body is designed as a vessel to carry your thoughts, your education, it carries your love and your desires but most of all your body is designed to carry your spirit and if my spirit can only fit into a body my size, then that's good enough for me!

Through my travels around the African continent I have always been seduced by music, from Natasha Atlas in Egypt, through to the Kora players of the Gambia via the anti apartheid groups led by Johnny Clegg in Southern Africa...the melodies and song styles are amazingly different and exciting...Amadou and Mariam from Mali took a place in my heart a few years ago now and it's really nice to see them over here being accepted as a touring band worth going to see...there latest album starts off with a great little track called 'Sabali' and perhaps shows us that their music can perhaps adapt to western influences, not that they should or hopefully will though! Check them out and if you like it try and listen to 'Welcome to Mali' ..it's a real rhythmical joy.


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