Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Times

When I thought about going back to my music memories, I realised that I cannot actually remember what my first ever gig was...I went to see so many gigs betweem 1978-85 that it was in the hundreds and it's all gone a bit blurry. I know I was taken to see Shirley Bassey in Australia by my lovng parents during the late 60's and I think I can blame this early exposure to gaydom as the catharsis for my confirmed batchelorhood of today!

At the end of my school days I was a confirmed rocker into Thin Lizzy, Ufo, Uriah Heep, Rainbow and of course the mighty monsters known as Black Sabbath and I used to be found at the local Rock Disco headbanging into bass bins whilst patchouli flung its sweaty way off my then fairly long hair!. Over the years I would witness different reincarnations Of Black Sabbath who trotted out every time a new album came out. One of the most memorable times was in a June concert at The Southampton Gaumont in 1978 for the 'Never Say Die' tour with a little band called 'Van Halen' as the support act!
The price of the ticket was 3.50! just times that by at least 10 theses days!
I remember being down at the front of the stage surrounded by Hells Angels types and big dirty bikers :) The abnd came on and frightened me to death with the volume and the atmosphere, Ozzy in his day was the Prince of Darkness rather than the dark lord that he is now!
So I present to you today the title track of the tour album...ladies and Gentlemen, Black Sabbath with 'Never Say Die'....coming soon ..How i found punk under the bedsheets...

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