Thursday, May 08, 2008

sometimes it snows in April...

...but not in May, because the sun is out and everything is fabulous!

I went away for the weekend with Mike and we had quite a groovy time apart from me having a head injury (well a slight bang and a mark!)...and no i did not bash it on the headboard of the bed tsk tsk was actually in an ice cream shop if you must know...very small people these Mablethorpians. We stayed in a nice hotel overlooking a golf course in Grimsby, from there we travelled out to Lincoln, Hull (via the humber bridge) Mablethorpe, Cleethorpes, Saltfleet and Donna Nook. It was nice seeing part of the country that I have not been to before...Mablethorpe was nice and quaintly old fashioned with small donkeys on the beach, mum and dads sitting on stone sandy covered steps eating large ice creams...the sound of the carousel and the bleep bing bing of the amusement arcades. I must admit though I was not quite prepared for the amount of bling that I would see in Mablethorpe, it was like the audience of the Jeremy Kyle show had exploded and metamorphised into seaside travellers.

It was a pretty exhausting weekend especially as a certain person does tend to snore for hours on end...I love him immensely but wish I could stuff a couple of teddy bears up his nostrils so as to get some rest ;)
Lisa (you know , my bestest friend) and her lover (Sir Chris, knight in shining armour) have the same problem but have worked out the same idea as home we now have a lovin' room and a sleepy time room, so either I run away when he falls asleep or Mike decamps when the time is right! Back together first thing in the morning and everyone is happy:)

I had some bad news on Tuesday, my mum found out that she has breast cancer. It is operable and they are taking her into hospital on the 1st June to do a lumpectomy on the breast followed by an intensive course of Radiotherapy. To be honest I think I freaked out more than my mum did because when she told me it just bought all the horrible flashbacks of the stuff that I went through a couple of years ago with my own bout of cancer. I really wish my mum a speedy recovery and send my love to her across cyberspace. x

Film of the Week

The Orphanage is now on DVD and it's a terrific ghost story that hits just the right's beautifully filmed and has a very satisfying storyline...don't watch it alone though!

Top Tuuuuuuuuuune

Macy Gray - I try
This was mine and lisas's song from our first trip to Egypt and I was so happy when Macy announced a new tour so I could treat Lisa to a ticket for her we are off to Indigo2 at o2 arena on July 31st for an evening of Macy Gray goodness...can't wait :)

ciao x

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