Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bloody Cancer!....

Well Mum goes in for her operation on July 1st and they are going to do a lumpectomy with intensive radiotherapy treatment afterwards for 3 weeks. I was talking to a friend today and she had gone through the same thing 17 years ago and was there is an 87% success rate of ridding all of the cancer so things are looking quite positive...I know things are going to be fine :)

Madonna Madonna Madonna...thats all we have been hearing for the last week after her stint at The Radio 1 Big Weekend..mind you I thought the set was terrific, staging and all...I did spot a couple of miming moments, especially on the new single but it did have quite a frantically coreographed routine so I might let her off that one..

Definitely mimed but spellbinding!

I have the hots for james's official! (mike if you are reading this I would never run away with him! lol) Over the weeks I fell for his lovely chubby cheeks as he appeared semi naked in Gavin and Stacy and he is so talented as a writer, actor and all round bon viveur!

James Corden and Matthew Horne on Radio 1

It's been a bit quiet on the film front at the moment, there is nothing that takes my fancy so I think I will have to search farther afield and watch a film called 'xxy' from's about a hermaphrodite coming to terms in an opressive world...sounds like a bundle of laughs doesn't it!

all for now

ciao x

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