Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Scientology is a CULT!

Unbelievably today in London a young man under 18 was in court for protesting outside the Scientology Centre in London (back last year) whilst holding a banner which said 'Scientology is a cult', at the time a police woman asked the young chap to take it down as the word cult was causing offence to the people that they were protesting about! He refused and was arrested. How unbelievable that The Metropolitan police can waste time on a young guy expressing freedom of speech whilst the hierarchy within Scientology UK are shafting each other senseless and rubbing wads of money all over each other for pretending to teach simple minded followers about a non existent alien who was made up by a senile old wanker named L Ron Hubbard. What is it about the leaders of Scientology that make them so untouchable...is it the fact that they greased the palms of many a high ranking police officer over the past few years? will we ever find out? no, because Scientology is a well oiled money making machine that keeps people quiet by making them believe that they need 'fixing' because at the present time they are not as worthy as everybody else on the planet. Scientology is evil and needs to be stopped...what are we going to do about it?

On a lighter note.....3 Divas, 3 Albums, there will be only 1 winner......

Yes, exciting news folks, an amazing thing has happened Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Donna Summer have all released albums at the same time...

Cyndi - Bring ya to the Brink

Possibly one of the best dance albums you will ever hear...Cyndi has decided to trust some of the best dance producers on the planet to come up with an album that is full of love, hope and dancin! She is still a great songwriter and singist and this album will just blow you away. It is a great return...

12" remix of 'same old fucking story!'

Madonna - Hard Candy

An album full of unmemorable bleeps catering to the masses but extremely throw away.

'Give it to me' Mimed especially live for Radio 1's Big Weekend

Donna Summer - Crayons

Aw, this album is really good...Donna's voice has taken on a little smokey quality which is adhering to listen to. The album is full of good song writing and has one of her best ballads on it for years 'Be Myself Again'

A buffet selection of the album tracks.

Obviously commercially the winner will be Madonna but I am giving a joint 1st prize to Cyndi and Donna, the unsung queens of gayness and glitter who have worked so hard on crafting their songs for the new albums...whereas Madonna probably paid a person to sit and listen to it for her after she had finished it...

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