Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lets talk about Roadkill!...

well recently we have had lots of talk about Roadkill and what you can do with stuff it, cook it, use it as doorstops etc you can entertain your family with it!

The wonderful company 'Roadkill Toys' have produced the second in a series of Roadkill teddies for the warped and heartless amongst us...first of all there was 'Twitch' a Raccoon who was run over by a chevvy and now they present 'Grind' who according to my limited edition hand written label was run over by a local bus.see photo.

'Grind' The Rabbit. Image copyright 'Roadkill Toys'

These collectors pieces are beautifully made and each one comes with it's own personal plastic (see through and zippered) body bag and it's own handwritten body bag tag (limited to the first 1000 pieces). On Twitch and Grind there is also zipper so you can safely tuck and zip away those messily spilled innerds. A complete package lovingly designed by the team at 'Roadkill Toys'. I hasten you to look at their website which is where I am sure you will find all the info that you require (except a photo of the creator and team, as I am told that they are all so beautiful that people would not buy their products through jealousy!)
Enjoy your roadkill!

Ciao x

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